360 Degree Photo And Video

Two dimensional and 360° video is old one now as 360° photo is trending now because viewer can see all surrounding from a single point and it can be captured through your phone or can be made from already taken snaps. So let's know what is 360° photo and how 360° Photo can be easily taken, shared and downloaded. 360 degree photo and video is the latest trends for social media and the fantastic way to impress people.

360 degree photo
 A 360° photo is a panoramic image which enable you to look around standing from a single point from where it was captured. You can drag such photos in any direction and can also be zoomed while looking up, down, left or right. This magic is done by software part which collect few panoramic pictures and mix all photos in such a manner that it seems a circle of continue view of surrounding area. Seperate photos taken by photographer from a single point, are aligned by special software to develop a single 360° photo which is played back after uploading on supporting platform like Facebook and Google Map.

360 degree photo of college
For 360° photography, you need dedicated 360° camera for capturing such impressive photos. Presently these cameras are also available on low budget but everyone cannot have dedicated camera. Here is a good news for such people having smartphones. You should check your mobile phone specifications for gyroscope sensor  for 360° photography. Yes your phone should support this sensor.  All you need iOS Phone and Android mobiles having installed Street View app. Street view offers three mode for 360° photography. These are connect 360° external camera through WiFi, import 360° photos already on your phone and take photo sphere. Photo sphere in street view app is just similar to photo sphere mode given in Android Stock Mobile Camera. Stand at a point and put your mobile closely in front of you and capture all shots as guided by big orange dot on screen. Now rest for few minutes and look what will app's software work itself. It will align and stitch all shots to form a single 360° photo. Some Android mobiles like latest version of Samsung and LG mobiles which have built in feature for 360 degree photo shooting.

Street view app will make your photo ready in a short while. After getting ready, it will ask to publish it. You can map this photo to that place on Google map. If you are a part of Google local guide program, it is very good idea to map your place, upload and share it. Sharing is very easy after upload, just copy the link and share it. These photos will be saved in your phone memory automatically in a folder named "Panorama". You can also download it and upload to Facebook. 

Without street view app you cannot do it from Android mobiles except Samsung and LG latest version mobiles which have built in feature. But iOS mobile has this feature. Facebook will not recognize 360° photos from Android mobiles. At present, Facebook live 360 is only supporting to iOS products.

Since 360 degree content is new, each social media platform is not ready like Facebook and Youtube on you can share 360 degree stuff with your friends and family.YouTube also supports uploading of 360 degree videos. Just follow the same procedure for normal video. YouTube automatically recognizes 360 contracts.

To upload on Facebook, just open Facebook and browse gallery, all 360 degree photos will have an sphere icon. Select a photo you want to upload, it is worthwhile to mention here that you can upload only one 360 photo at once, and follow the steps same as for uploading normal photo. After upload, you can adjust it where you want to see it at first. This photo will have a radar type icon on right side with a pointer. This pointer tells the direction of view. If you are using mobile, just tilt your mobile, 360 degree photo will move in that direction. And if you are on computer, just drag the photo in any direct to enjoy your 360 degree photo shot and wait for friends comments.

For uploading on Vimeo, just follow normal procedure and confirm the settings. 360 video format should be checked and source type will be monoscopic. Also in advanced setting, you can fix degree for field of view. This is what viewers will see from where video will start.

Instagram does also not support 360 degree content uploading. But you can turn 360 degree photo into tiny planet image and upload it on Instagram to surprise your friends and to get more followers and likes. Another way to creat impressive look, is using "Swipeable" app which will post 360 degree photo as multiple photos in a carousel.

Twitter is presently not supporting upload of 360 photo natively but using third party service (Kuula, a free service), it is possible. Streaming of 360 Video will be possible on Twitter via periscope.

360 Degree Photo And Video

360 degree photo and video


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