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Hosting a website does not have to invest any money and it do not require to be a professional. 
If you want to own a small website only for few visitors, you are right here and can turn your Window System into a WAMP Server for hosting your website making accessible to everybody on internet.
Hosting a website on your personal computer is an interest and full of fun but if you are going to have a serious website, then go for chargeable hosting plan. Hosting a website on local system offers some advantages and some disadvantages too, let’s see all of them.

  1. If you host a website on your local system, you could manage with full control in all aspects.
  2. You can change your domain name easily.
  3. You can sublet space to small firms within your reach by making small virtual server.
  4. Monthly saving per year is great advantages as compared if you choose for virtual hosting.
  5. You can make any changes to your website effectively and promptly within house hosting.
  6. If there is no reputable company providing hosting in your area, it is better to go for local hosting.
  7. You are not bound to specific service or system.
  8. No any third party can access your private data.


Besides of its various advantages, local hosting at your personal computer has also some downsides and limitations too which should not be ignored here.
  1. You should have to know about the installation and setup of WampServer on your system at first which will allow all the internet users to access the web content on your local system.
  2. You will have to check service provider bandwidth and term and conditions whether internet plan subscribed by you supports for running of a website at your computer system.
  3. You will have to run your system always on for website service to users. It should not be shut down or reboot because at that time your website will be unreachable to your website visitors.
  4. You will have to go for fast internet plan otherwise your website will serve poorly to its visitors.
  5. Extra service as provided with virtual hosting will be highly expensive if you plan for at local system.
  6. Security is a serious concept for hosting at local system because you are allowing internet users to access your system and you are inviting hackers to stole or corrupt your data.
  7. When your website traffic increases, you will have to do more bandwidth, more storage, install cooling system. It will increase your budget expenditure.
  8. For enhancement of your website service, either you will have to trained yourself or hire a professional staff which will also add extra expenditure.
  9.  A personal computer is very difficult to be available all times to be accessible for website visitors, when it gets any upgrades, it will reboot itself and users will get downtime.
  10. For better reliability of website, power back is also a serious concept which would need to spend more budget.
  11. There is a need to implement of monitoring system.
  12. No any up-time of website is guaranteed in case of any emergency.
  13. Immediate action will have to take by you when a problem occurs.
  14. When your website traffic increase, you will have to shift from local hosting to advanced one for better service.


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