Hosting Website on Window System

Great if you are going to have a website, but do you know what will be required, okey, it is domain name and web hosting. An investment would be there to buy suitable domain name. 

Hosting will also be chargeable or you may opt for hosting at local system. So friends, we are here to know how to host our website on a window system. 

If you get some technical ideas you can make hosting totally free. If you are planning to run a website for few visitors, you can host from your personal computer which is totally free. Before proceeding ahead, it is worthwhile to mention here that hosting on computer for everyday life having planned internet connection may not be good idea for a serious website. It is better if you are going to run a small website for a few visitors.

Hosting Website on Windows System

It is a very interesting thing to know and to do how to host a website on window system. But friends, it is suggested to opt it only if there is a need of local development server. For this purpose, WAMP server is primary required. 
WAMP Server

WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It installs three different applications on window system i.e. Apache, MySQL and PHP which are quite necessary to download and install all the packages in hosting otherwise you will have to download three package separately. Apache is very good in hosting whereas MySQL offers database for web content. PHP supports creation of dynamic content.

Procedure of Installation
1.     Download WampServer latest version depending upon your operating system i.e. 32 or 64 bit
2.     Run .exe file and follow the instructions
3.     You may choose web browser of your choice otherwise default browser will be used.
4.     Check for Start WampServer2 now
5.     Hit on Finish button to finalize the setup.

Create Web Page
1.     Now using Notepad, write a program for web page either in HTML of PHP.
2.     Save it with extension .php for example sample.php to the destination C:\\wamp\\www
3.     Refresh the web server to update the data in www directory.
4.     For its testing, type “http://localhost/sample.php” in browser

MySQL Configuration 
1.     Open the phpMyAdmin panel in menu.
2.     Now provide password for automatically admin user “root”.
3.     Customize database or create one if you want to do.
 Web Site Visibility 
1.     Click WampServer icon and select “Put Online” option.
2.     Go to Apache Folder and locate “httpd.conf” file in WampServer menu.
3.     Replace two lines “Order Deny, Allow” and “Deny from all” with “Order Allow, Deny” and  “Allow from all”.
4.     Restart all services to make your website accessible to everybody on internet.
5.     Change firewall setting not to block requests for website.
6.     Port 80 should be forwarded to local host on router.


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