Top Ten Things Sad Person Do

In Everyday Life, you see few sad persons; we really don’t know what to say them. In fact you are not behind these responses but still in this age, the depression is misunderstood frequently. And people do mistake in understanding the people struggling with this ailment. Consequently many of us are still un-diagnosed as we mostly fail to manifest the depression.

It goes worthwhile now that suffering of sadness is not always clear to us, so important is to understand and help those who struggle with such type of hidden sadness. Have a look on signs that sad person do in Everyday Life.


1. Trusts nobody.

2. Lies without reason.

3. Don't keep track of transactions.

4. Thinks about oneself only.

5. Don't live in present.

6. Justifies himself always right.

7. Has lack of time punctuality.

8. Retires to bed late and wake up late in the morning.

9. Don't do anything for others.

10. Gives unsolicited advice.


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