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prana, prana healing


'Prana' is the Sanskrit word and it is called ‘chi’ in China and ‘ki’ in Japan. What is difference between a living body and a dead one. A kind of unseen energy makes the difference between them. If this energy goes out of our body, body is said as dead. This unseen engery is called as Prana or it may be called as life energy. Our earth and environment provides us the ocean of this energy 


Pranic healing is energy healing system. It was developed Choa Kok Sui. It is based upon the facts that if the energy body is cured, physical body will automatically treated from all types of ailments. It is a revolutionary system that uses prana to treat illness by using ancient and esoteric healing methods tested over decades. Pranic Healing may help you to discover inner peace and forgiveness. It provides tools in your hand to achieve fruitful, loving and creative life. Learning of Pranic Healing is very simple but its results are tremendous. It is simple but powerful, no touch healing system which is complimentary in nature and should not be taken as alternative to allopathic medicine or other healing system. 


Our body has a capacity to heal itself and keeps healing frequently, you can say it immune system. If body losses its ability to heal, it results no more life. Body does this healing by some sources of Prana like Sun, Air, Earth, Food, People and some other spiritual sources. Our Earth has its own magnetic field and this magnetic field also passes though our body. Consequently, bio-plasmic impulses flows though our physical body. It forms a bio electromagnetic field around our body and this is known as Auric Field. This Auric field is a container holding Prana of life energy made of many layers. The outer layer is known as outer aura which contains the energy. If it gets leaked, the prana will go out and it results frequently illness of someone. Next inner layer is known as health rays which are like energetic pores. These rays defend our physical body. If these are damaged, our physical body may get ill, injury and weakness. The inner most layer is called inner aura which is responsible for regulation of bio energetic anatomy. 


Chakra, Prana Healing
Chakras are our energetic power plants. These chakras inhale prana and expel diseased energy. They supply prana i.e. energy to our all internal organs. These Chakras are categorized as Major, mini and micro. The major chakra supply etheric energy to all organs of our body. Mini chakras are like on the tips of the fingers whereas micro chakras are the dots on the acupuncture charts. 


There are two fundamental principles of Pranic Healing 

• Principle of Self Healing
• Principle of Healing Other

Illness comes to body when there is any imbalance in the energy field of our body. These imbalances are necessary to correct to treat that disease. Pranic Healing use universal energy to cure the patient. Pranic healer receives the universal energy i.e prana and projects to the patient to energize the energy field. Pranic Healing is done without any touching to heal at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The easy but powerful steps for healing are described below. 

i) Scanning – Outer, Inner Aura and Chakras are scanned to trace depletion or congestion. 

ii) Cleansing – To remove the energy imbalances, diseased energy and to eradicate blockages in the energy channels. Before giving fresh life energy, all the negative energy is required to be cleaned. 

iii) Energizing – The healer receives the fresh prana of life energy to body and projects to the patient. He does not use his own energy. The healing of patient is done by increasing the prana or life energy received from the Sun, Air and Earth. 

iv) Stabilization – After healing by energizing process, the chakras energy is stabilized to make the level of energy constant. 

v) Release – During this cleansing and energizing process, healer and patient got bonded with a energy channel. This channel is required to be cut off after healing the patient. 

The important thing for the healer is to remove the dirty energy remaining on the hands. This dirty energy may be inhaled through the chakras in the hand. The practitioner may become contaminated which includes, arthritic conditions, carpel tunnel syndrome, heaviness in the legs, itchiness, fatigue etc. 


Who heals to other by Prana, also get healed itself. Pranic Healing has tremendous result oriented therapy which helps in the following 

i) Firstly you get happiness and inner peace 
ii) Better concentration 
iii) Improved Memory 
iv) Cleansing of Ora 
v) Better communication and interpersonal skills 
vi) Fever temperature can be brought down in few hours 
vii) Good Respiratory system 
viii) Even major diseases such as heart, liver, kidney etc can be cured. 
ix) Stress management 
x) Attract good luck and prosperity 
xi) Better immune system 
xii) Spiritual and social gain 


In Everyday Life, most of people are battling few issues in relations for several years. How can these issues be resolved? Answers are limited and not sure they will work. Most of people have intense emotional situations which come up without invitation and screwed us. How many people have the tools to work through it and get rid of them ? Mostly hands up to all these challenges in their life and need help. Pranic Healing tells the way to remove the blockages in energy chakra responsible for relationship. In Pranic Healing, esoteric techniques are used to dissolve the negative energy and emotions in relationships. Negative energy between two people in relationship makes hard time for both people. Positive energy vibes can remove the negative thoughts and will bless both the people facing issues in their relationship.

Voice For Changing Villages Muslim Names

In past few years, a revolution for changing the name of villages or cities is a postive step to draw us close to our rich culture and what is written in our scriptures.In recent happening of national Political situation, the rise of Right wing Government in Center and most of the states has started its impact on Bottom
of Pyramid. A strong example is the changing 'Saraswati Nagar' from Mustafabad, Yamunanagar, Haryana in view of the importance of our mythology.

There are many villages in Haryana with Muslim Names and Hindu population. Now people are not ready to live in such villages with muslim names and are asking for changing their villages names. As these villages are having their names since long and now these names are totally baseless. One of strong voice has raise from just 90 Km away from Delhi in Gohana town. One of permanent social activist with ‘Right’ ideology Satish Jangra has started campaigning by writing letters to authority on this issue. 

He has written a letter to Chief
Minister of Haryana and shared it
on social media. In his letter, he
has given his suggestion to change
the name of villages of ‘Khanpur
Kalan’, ‘Sarai Kale Khan’, ‘Gari Ujale Khan’, and ‘Sultan Pur Majra’. He has written that before partition, these villages were Muslim dominated with Muslim Names. Now, these villages are of Hindu population, so there is nothing wrong in this modification.

Satish Jangra has strongly given his opinion on Khanpur kalan name and asked the authority
to convert the name as ‘Bhagat Phool Singh Nagar’. Bhagat Phool Singh had started the
Kanya Gurukul in the villages; same is converted into Govt Women University and Medical College.

Change A Need For Muslims

Nahid Afrin, a muslim girl from Assam, India, was runner up in 2015 edition of Indian Idol. After participating in Indian Idol, she is very famous in Assam for her voice. She never thought few religious people can prevent her from doing what God has gifted to her i.e. singing. She cried when she was issued 46 'Fatwa' for her public performance reason being Islam does not allow women for singing, dancing or acting.

How someone so called trained scholar can prevent a girl from living her personnel life in this century. Funny is it and even irony too. Actually Mufti is a trained person in muslim law. He can only guide the people. He is not a judge who will issue a verdict and force people to follow his religious teaching.

Fatwa is simply a non binding opinion from an Islamic Scholar. It is totally weight less issue. Fatwa contains the details of scholar reasoning and it cannot be imposed on other life forcefully. And it should depend on the folloers what to follow and whom to follow. People should never be forced to follow any religious rule and even to change his hobbies like singing or acting. But irony is that few so called intelligent persons of muslim religion consider Fatwa as universal binding. Few trained persons from Madrasha give Fatwa on singing by a muslim girl. Such type of reaction depicts very dangerous and violent ruling. Therefore now time has come to make a change by Muslim people. Why they are following such trained persons even when such people does not know the reasons behind their Fatwa. It is totally a practice to be followed by Muslim people for pleasure of God and not for their own pleasure. It is totally baseless stuff if few muslim people think to rule the people on the name of Islam. Is it not a dictatorship.

Most important, In India, there is no illegal post for such people who issue Fatwa but they use it like as illegal binding. Egypt is muslim country where Mufti position is appointed by authority of country but his Fatwa has no binding upon anyone. No word i.e. Fatwa is included in Quran. In this century, this is a wrost thing and should be totally banned. No need is there in era of internet to take suggestions from some trained person from madrasha. People can find their answer about their religious query from various internet sites offering online Fatwa (suggestion). Moreover every Mufti has different view on a religious topic. So they are not based upon Quran as no word 'Fatwa' is included in it. Some examples of Fatwa given below would show what are these trained people from madrasha.

"Unlimited financial reward to anybody who would kill Tashlima Nasree", "Enemy of Islam; Faraq Foda", "Kill civilians and military personnel from US and allied countries", "Every muslim should be a militant" etc all such type of people pave the way for violence and misunderstanding of religion.

In Todays times, what Islam is facing in this world and wrost codition of women is totally a consequence of what they are practicing. Now time has come to change the old rule and type of teaching from madrasha. In this modern age, where computer and mobile is ruling, education standard of madrasha is wrost.

Tomato And Kidney Stone

everyday life, tomato and kidney stone
In Everyday Life, one serving of tomato-based foods can have an incredibly beneficial effect on your health; but some people deem tomato is the main reason for kidney stone and they stop to eat it whereas it is a great myth that consuming tomatoes results the development of kidney stone. Tomato has many antioxidants which prevent stone formation in kidney and gall bladder.  Kidney stones are usually caused when you eat foods that are rich in oxalate.  Tomato also contains oxalate which is a chemical compound found naturally in fruit, vegetable and plants. In human body, oxalate has no function for health benefit and is excreted as waste in urine and stool but it may lead to the accumulation of calcium in the body.  Food like tea, coffee, spinach, nuts, aerated drinks, salty foods like pickle, marinated food are the main reason of kidney stone.

Tomatoes contain oxalate in low quantity that would never create kidney stones. So unless you eat plenty of tomatoes in Everyday Life, you are not at a risk of kidney stones. Hence important thing is the balance of intake of tomato decides its result. Tomato is both a fruit and vegetable.  Daily consumption of tomatoes boosts health. Just one serving a day of tomato-based foods can have an incredibly beneficial effect on your health. If tomatoes are consumed in Everyday Life, they can prevent many diseases and also heart disease. This is one fruit you don’t want to leave out of your diet. Tomatoes provide   great amount of vitamins and minerals like folate, iron, potassium, magnesium, chromium, chlorine, zinc, and phosphorus.

They work as a disinfectant to protect the body from diarrhoea and prevent the appearance of kidney stones and gall bladder stones in the long term. Tomatoes are beneficial for eye sight, good stomach health and help to reduce blood pressure. Tomato helps in digestion, blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, protect the kidneys, flushes out free radicals and fight against premature ageing. Tomato is rich in antioxidants which prevent the many types of cancer.

It is therefore it is suggested to limit your intake of tomato if you have been diagnosed kidney problem, otherwise you don’t need to worry about tomato to eat. They are totally safe to eat if you have not noticed any kidney stone related problem in you and your family. Besides being a source of a moderate amount of oxalate, tomato is an excellent source of vitamins C and K, biotin and carotene. It also contains lycopene which protects against many types of cancer like skin, lung, breast, colon and prostate. Tomato may help to lower the risk of heart disease and cataracts.  

Rise With Beautiful Face Everyday Morning

In Everyday Life, as you know very well, minimum 8 hours sleep is very essential for good health as well as beautiful skin. Do you know how to get beautiful and charming face in Everyday morning? Yes, you will have to obey some directions as given in this post.

Firstly, there is a need to change your routine of Everyday Life. Spare 10 minutes daily before retiring to bed. Put any vitamin e moisture on face, arm and leg after washing and cleaning. It will improve your skin tremendously and important thing is the place where you keep your moisture. Cool moisture do magic on skin. Don’t forget to user face wash in Everyday morning to clean the skin.

everyday life, health
For beautiful and dense eyebrow and eyelids, put olive oil and gently massage on it. It strengthens the hair from root and improves density on eyebrow and eyelids. For beautiful, glowing pinky lips, scrub lips gently to remove all dead skin. It will increase the blood circulation. Put on lip balm in well before going to bed. This routine will give soft, beautiful and glowing lips. To get rid of dark circle under eye, boil green tea bags in some water and let it cool down in freeze. Now put these bags on the dark circle. Caffeine in green tea helps to soften the skin and tighten the wrinkle.

A complete 8 hours sleep is very essential for overall health including beautification. Go to bed with relax body. If you feel for bathe, take it but with mild or hot water. Never take tea, coffee or any caffeine drink before going to bed. Always keep in mind your bed and its items. Silk cloth prevents hair damage during sleep due to friction. It is good for skin and prevent wrinkles. Use of silk in bed improves your hair and skin health magically.

Follow these tips and see the magic after one week. Rise and see the mirror and observe how much improvement is there in your skin health. take minimum 8 glasses of water a day. The water will clear your skin and make it glow by flushing out toxins quickly. Drink herbal tea or other non-caffeinated drink to ensure hydration. Do cardio as it makes your skin glow because it stimulates blood circulation.

In whole day, you skin goes through makeup, dirt, and oil build. Ensure cleansing of skin before going to bed. It is very necessary for clogging up your pores and it also prevents smearing bacteria on your pillow where it can get into your skin at night. Use a gentle face wash. 

Value Of Family Life

Followers of celebirities are lesser known about their life style in real. They are always thought of same life as they have acted or performed on screen. Acting is their professional life and not whole part of the life. This is fact and even irony, same people don't understand that they also have families and cannot deny its value.

Basically this post is not upon cinema celebirities but for those people who are forgotten true value and means of family in life and think celebirities do not support indian traditional family culture; which is better known for strongness, closeness, security and sense of support etc. But amid all of us, are forgetting the value of family and are getting seperated from our parents.

Consequently, from collectivism to individualism, a way is paved where the lines by a famous person "The circle of care at least in Indian families embraces all generations" seems faint but not false because of the idea on which it is based i.e. sacrifice and support for both younger as well as older member of family.

Besides of all these means, the modern family life where married children get seperated from parents alongwith insecurity of children and older, economic problem, loneliness, unsocialism, isolation, less conflict resolution skill etc.

What Our Dreams Interpret

In Everyday Life, all of us are connected to dreams, these are like our mate. Do you know what is dream ? Dream is a picture of thoughts, feeling, sensations etc in subconscious mind during sleep.

Nobody is there without dreams. Dreaming is a natural phenomena. Everybody has dream while sleeping. It is different thing that he/she may not recognise what has seen in dream.

Dream world and real world are different but these are connected to each other by some meaning. Something is revealed by what you have seen in your dream last night.

What these signs could be, think, it is interesting and in this regard, what are the common dreams almost everybody has and see, it may be bad or good depending upon the dream, following some dream interperation are collected. Have a look and observe your Everyday Life.


Copper:Expose of hidden secret
Grean Forest:Happiness
Wear Specs:Wiseness
Meat:Money at sudden
Do Praying:End of problem
Having sex:Money
WalKing baby:Money
Dancing:End of ailment
Dog:Meeting with old friend
Red flower:Increase in money
Market:End of poorness
Talk to dead:Wish complete
Sky:Child brith
Rainbow:Good health
Postman:Meeting with any relative
Map:Success in planning
Honey:Compitable life


Kahl:Physical problem
Injury in body:Death of any relative
Dry forest/garden:Problem
Moon eclipse:Ailment
Teeth problem:Problem
Smoke:Loss of business
Gold:Loss of money
Crow:News of death of any friend/relative
Arms:Loss of court case
Flood:Loss in business
Pick pocket:Business problem
Doctor:Health problem
Play drum:Accident
Court:Legal issue
Play cards:Lots of problem
Extravengza:Bad news
Begging:Loss of wealth
Lezard:Theft in home
Skyfall:Problem at sudden
Firefly:Bad time starts

Top Ten Signs Of Love Addiction

Love Addiction, Top 10, Everyday Life
In our Everyday Life, we have lot of addictions; it may be game, gadgets, goodies etc. But relationship addiction is on the high to which we all are hooked and is a uncontrollable, never-ending appetite of romantic love in order to get a sense of self worth.

Abnormal preoccupation with love including in their entertainment, lack of true intimacy, short or highly intense relationships etc are the few signs that tell you are love addicted and these may create conflict if these issues or expectation is unresolved. Have a look on the following things and rate yourself, are you addicted to love?

Top 10 Signs Of Love Addiction

1. Looking for love what you see in Cinema.

2. You demand unconditional positive regard at all times.

3. You feel someone you will happy in relationship with.

4. You usually look for the special one in your life.

5. You take very long in break up.

6. You expect someone loving you permanently.

7. Always think for getting love from someone not interested in.

8. You are disturbing your relationship thinking about your Ex.

9. You expect someone else to solve your problems or care for.

10. You prefer to stay in bad relationship as you are alone.

Top Ten Benefits Of Cumin Seeds

Top 10, Health, Life,
Cumin is scientifically known as Cuminum Cyminum and it belongs to family Apiaceae and is extensively used in culinary practices of the Indian Subcontinent and some other Asian, African and Latin American countries as a condiment or spice. Cumin is considered a boost for overall health and is beneficial for even in most dangerous diseases like cancer. Have a look on the following benefits of a spice used in your Everyday Life.

Top 10 Benefits Of Cumin Seeds

1. Cumin Seeds has vitamin C, carotene, iron, potassium, manganese and zinc which help in Liver protection and detoxification. 

2. It improves digestion by stimulating salivation and aids in secretion of pancreatic enzymes, that regulates digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

3. It helps to relieve respiratory infections as it acts as an expectorant by loosing up accumulated phlegm and mucus in respiratory tracts. 

4. It enhances immunity because it is a rich source of vitamin C. 

5. It helps in production of blood cells and platelets which occurs in bone marrow as it has copper and zink. 

6. Regular use of Cumin seeds helps your skin to be free from boils, rashes and pimples as it has cuminaldehyde and thymol and phosphorus which act as detoxifying agents. 

7. It helps to prevent Premature Aging and slow down aging speed as it contains vitamin E. 

8. It protects your skin from itching, body beat, fungal and microbial infections. 

9. It helps to care your skin from eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders. 

10. It is used for aromatherapy and scalp treatment to get rid of dandruff.

Top Ten Ways To Prevent Dental Erosion

Dental erosion is the erosion of the teeth surface and enamel due to acids you eat or drink and acids coming up from your stomach. These acids can dissolve the crystals that make up your teeth and resulting teeth erosion and soften the surface. 

In Everyday Life routine we do various mistakes which results teeth enamel loss and in addition to it, chipping, breaking, discoloration, sensitivity and even cracks in the teeth may occur which are extremely painful and dental procedures don’t come cheap. Erosion is found initially in the enamel and, if unchecked, may proceed to the underlying dentin. 

The most common cause of erosion is by acidic foods, fruits and drinks. In general, foods and drinks with a pH below 5.0–5.7 have been known to trigger dental erosion effects. Additionally, wine has been shown to erode teeth, with the pH of wine as low as 3.0–3.8. Other possible sources of erosive acids are from exposure to chlorinated swimming pool water, and regurgitation of gastric acids. Plaque is also said to cause tooth erosion because plaque contains bacteria and food debris. These micro-organisms feed on food debris and discharge acidic substances that could cause tooth erosion.

Top 10 Ways To Prevent Dental Erosion

1. Limit intake of acidic beverages. 

2. Avoid too much use of acidic foods and fruit.

3. Eat diary products as these have calcium which helps to prevent dental damage by acid. 

4. Drink a glass of milk in Everyday Life.

5. Rinse your mouth every time after having acidic drink, fruit or fruit.

6. Don't brush your teeth more than 100 secs with a soft and sensitive toothbrush. Brush twice a day and don't go to bed without brushing. Flossing is also necessary for teeth to prevent their erosion.

7. Sugar free chewing gum helps to wash away acid.

8. Avoid consuming of carbonated drinks and wine.

9. Avoid dry mount condition as saliva plays important role in overall oral heath maintenance and prevents teeth erosion. Drink water frequently in small amount instead of having large amount after a long.

10. Use antibacterial agent as eating certain herbs such as sage, oregano, peppermint leaves rinses the acid from the teeth surface. Using antibacterial oils such as peppermint oil, tea tree oil, oil of oregano on the teeth can also be useful in bringing down the micro-organisms in the mouth and also the plaque formation.

Top Ten Cardiology Hospital In India

Top 10 Cardiology Hospital In India

Top 10 Cardiology Hospital In India 

1. All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi 

2. Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore
3. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi 

4. Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai 

5. B M Birla Heart Research Centre, Kolkata 

6. Manipal Hospital, Banglore 

7. Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai 

8. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education Research, Chandigarh 

9. Christian Medical College, Vellore 

10. Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Top Ten Warning Signs For Heart Attack

In Everyday Life, Heart Attack is the serious problem about which it is important to know its most common symptoms. Heart attacks can start slowly and cause only mild pain or discomfort. 

Symptoms can be mild or more intense and sudden. Symptoms also may come and go over several hours. People who have high blood sugar (diabetes) may have no symptoms or very mild ones. 

The most common symptom, in both men and women, is chest pain or discomfort. 

Top 10 Warning Signs For Heart Attack

Some people don't have symptoms at all. Heart attacks that occur without any symptoms or with very mild symptoms are called silent heart attacks.
1.       Uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing or pain in centre of the chest
2.       Pain spreading from the chest to the shoulders, jaw, neck, arms and back
3.       Light headedness
4.       Fainting / Sweating
5.       Nausea
6.       Dyspnea (Shortness of breath)
7.       Inability to move after a meal
8.       Fatigue
9.       Sudden panting when climbing steps
10.     Abdominal discomfort

The symptoms of a heart attack can vary from person to person. Some people can have few symptoms and are surprised to learn they've had a heart attack. If you've already had a heart attack, your symptoms may not be the same for another one.

Not all heart attacks begin with the sudden, crushing chest pain that often is shown on TV or in the movies.  for example, one-third of the patients who had heart attacks had no chest pain. These patients were more likely to be older, female, or diabetic.

Top Ten Care For Skin In Summer

In Everyday Life, care for skin is very essential, especially in summer. Skin is the mirror of your health. If you are suffering skin problems, it means something is wrong within body, it may be excess of toxins or constipation. 

You are not taking balanced diet and consequently fat glands are unbalanced. Besides it, you are not caring for your skin externally. Remember your skin is the mirror of your health.

Top 10 Care For Skin In Summer

1. Use oil free moisturizer with SPF 30 which provides protection from sun. Water based sun cream is highly preferred instead of oil based.

2. Drink plenty of fresh water to avoid de-hydration.

3. Use Cleansing milk instead of normal soap.

4. Use such type of light make up that provides moisturizer too.

5. Avoid direct sun expose. Wear full sleeve outfits use umbrella, goggle etc.

6. Wash your face at least thrice a day.

7. Protect your hair with conditioner and ultra violet protection cream.

8. Lip balm is very useful for lip protection. 

9. Use rose water instead of other oily mixtures.

10. Consume cucumber, watermelon, pineapple etc to get hydrated in summer. 

Top Ten Things Sad Person Do

In Everyday Life, you see few sad persons; we really don’t know what to say them. In fact you are not behind these responses but still in this age, the depression is misunderstood frequently. And people do mistake in understanding the people struggling with this ailment. Consequently many of us are still un-diagnosed as we mostly fail to manifest the depression.

It goes worthwhile now that suffering of sadness is not always clear to us, so important is to understand and help those who struggle with such type of hidden sadness. Have a look on signs that sad person do in Everyday Life.


1. Trusts nobody.

2. Lies without reason.

3. Don't keep track of transactions.

4. Thinks about oneself only.

5. Don't live in present.

6. Justifies himself always right.

7. Has lack of time punctuality.

8. Retires to bed late and wake up late in the morning.

9. Don't do anything for others.

10. Gives unsolicited advice.

Google Health Card Now In India By Apollo

Apollo Hospital and Google made agreement to provide health related information to public based upon search engine.

With the help of this health card, anyone would be able to find all information about near about 400 diseases in his/her own language by just typing disease's name. He could known how one disease occurs, what are symptoms and how to cure it.

In addition to it, patients would get all facts related to disease treatment, whether it is infectious or not, what age it may happen at, special symptoms and even high defination pictures related to all concerned to that particular disease.

Inspiring Letter From Power Woman To Her Daughter

Dear Aarti,
It makes me feel so proud today to see you standing in front of me as a confident young woman right on the threshold of an exciting journey through life. I am looking forward to seeing you grow and flourish in the years ahead.
This moment has also brought back memories of my own journey, and the life lessons I learnt along the way. When I think of those times, I realize that most of these lessons were actually learnt in my childhood, mostly through examples set by my parents. The values that they instilled in my formative years gave me the foundation on which I try to live my life even today.
Our parents treated all three of us - two sisters and a brother - equally. When it came to education, or our future plans, there was no discrimination between us based on our gender. Your grandparents always had the same message for the three of us - that it was important to focus on what gave us satisfaction and to work towards it with utmost dedication. That early initiation enabled us to develop into confident individuals capable of taking decisions independently. This also helped me when I started out on my own journey of self- discovery.
I was only a young girl of 13 when my father passed away from a sudden heart attack, leaving us unprepared to take on life without him. We had been protected from life's challenges so far. But without warning, all that changed overnight. And my mother, who had been a homemaker till then, faced the responsibility of raising three children all on her own. It was then that we realized how strong she was and how determined to do her duty in the best possible manner. Slowly, she discovered a flair for designing and textiles, found herself a job with a small firm, and quickly made herself indispensable to them. It must have been challenging for her to shoulder the responsibility of bringing up her family single- handed, but she never let us feel like it was a task for her. She worked hard till she saw all of us through college and we became independent. I never knew that my mother had such a wealth of self-assurance and belief within her.
As a parent with a full time job, one must not let work affect the way you relate to your family. Remember the time you were studying in the US and the announcement of my becoming MD and CEO of ICICI was splashed across all newspapers? I remember the mail you wrote to me a couple of days later. 'You never made us realize that you had such a demanding, successful and stressful career. At home, you were just our mother,' you wrote in your email. Live your life in the same way, my darling.
I also learnt from my mother that it is very important to have the ability to handle difficult situations and keep moving forward in life, no matter what. Even today I can remember the equanimity and calmness with which she handled the crisis on hand when my father passed away. You have to handle the challenges and emerge stronger from them, rather than allow them to bog you down. I remember how, in late 2008, we were faced with a situation where ICICI Bank's survival was in jeopardy in the face of a global economic meltdown. The situation was being analysed with a hawk's eye by major media platforms and debated widely in the public space… I got down to work, systematically communicating with all stakeholders - from the smallest depositor to the sophisticated investors, and from regulators to the government - the bank was sound and its exposure to these institutions involved a small portion of its assets. I understood their concern because so many of them feared that their hard earned savings in our bank could be at risk. I also advised staff across the bank's various branches to lend a sympathetic ear to those depositors who turned up to withdraw their money, telling them to also offer the depositors a seat and a glass of water while they waited. And though, depositors were welcome to withdraw their money if they wanted to, our staff also took care to explain to them that it would not help them to take their money away, because there was no real crisis situation.
It was during this period that I took a couple of hours off one day to attend your brother's squash tournament. I did not know it then, but my very presence at the tournament went a long way in reinstalling customer confidence in the bank. A few mothers at the tournament came and asked me if I was Chanda Kochhar from ICICI Bank and when I replied in the affirmative they said that if I could still find time to attend a tournament in the midst of a crisis, it meant that the bank was in safe hands and they need not worry about their money!
It was also from my mother that I learnt the importance of adapting to circumstances and not being afraid of the unknown. While working hard for my career, I looked after my family, and have been there for my mother and in-laws when they needed me around. They reciprocated in kind with their unconditional love and support for my career. Remember that relationships are important and have to be nurtured and cherished. Also keep in mind that a relationship is a two way street, so be ready to give a relationship just as you would expect the other person to be giving to you
My career would not have progressed the way it did were it not for your father who never once complained about the time I spent away from home. Your father and I nurtured our relationship despite the fact that we were both busy with our own careers, and I am confident you will do the same with your partner, when the time comes. If you had complained and whined about my extended absence from home, I would never have had the heart to make a career for myself. I am blessed with a great and supportive family and I really hope you too will be as fortunate when you set out on your own!
I remember the day your board exams were about to commence. I had taken leave from work so that I could take you to the examination hall myself. When you realized I was coming, you told me how you were used to going for your exams alone for so many years. It hurt me to hear you say that, but I also think in some ways, having a working mother made you much more independent from a very young age itself. You not only became independent, but also stepped into the nurturer's role for your younger brother and never let him miss my presence. I learnt to have trust and faith in you and you have now grown into a wonderful, independent woman. I now use the same principle at work to make our growing population of younger talent take on larger responsibilities.
I believe in fate but I also believe that hard work and diligence plays a very important role in our lives. In a larger sense, we all write our own destiny. Take destiny in your own hands, dream of what you want to achieve, and write it in your own way. As you go ahead in life, I want you to climb the path to success one step at a time. Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps that make the journey complete.
As you go forward, you will sometimes have to take difficult decisions, decisions that others might scorn at. But you must have the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Make sure you have that conviction to do what you know is right, and once you have it, don't let skeptics distract you from your path.
Aarti, there is no limit to what a determined mind can achieve, but in achieving your goal, don't compromise on the values of fair play and honesty. Don't cut corners or compromise to achieve your dreams. Remember to be sensitive to the feelings of people around you. And remember, if you don't allow stress to overtake you, it will never become an issue in your life.
Remember that good times and bad times will be part of your life equally, and you have to learn to handle both with equanimity. Make the most of life's opportunities and learn from every opportunity, and challenge that life brings along.
Lovingly yours,
This is the letter by MD &CEO of ICICI Bank Ms Chanda Kocchar to her daughter. Ms. Chanda Kochhar is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ICICI Bank Limited, India’s largest private sector bank. She is widely recognised for her role in shaping the retail banking sector in India and for her leadership of the ICICI Group, as well as her contributions to various forums in India and globally.