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Tomato And Kidney Stone

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In Everyday Life, one serving of tomato-based foods can have an incredibly beneficial effect on your health; but some people deem tomato is the main reason for kidney stone and they stop to eat it whereas it is a great myth that consuming tomatoes results the development of kidney stone. Tomato has many antioxidants which prevent stone formation in kidney and gall bladder.  Kidney stones are usually caused when you eat foods that are rich in oxalate.  Tomato also contains oxalate which is a chemical compound found naturally in fruit, vegetable and plants. In human body, oxalate has no function for health benefit and is excreted as waste in urine and stool but it may lead to the accumulation of calcium in the body.  Food like tea, coffee, spinach, nuts, aerated drinks, salty foods like pickle, marinated food are the main reason of kidney stone.

Tomatoes contain oxalate in low quantity that would never create kidney stones. So unless you eat plenty of tomatoes in Everyday Life, you are not at a risk of kidney stones. Hence important thing is the balance of intake of tomato decides its result. Tomato is both a fruit and vegetable.  Daily consumption of tomatoes boosts health. Just one serving a day of tomato-based foods can have an incredibly beneficial effect on your health. If tomatoes are consumed in Everyday Life, they can prevent many diseases and also heart disease. This is one fruit you don’t want to leave out of your diet. Tomatoes provide   great amount of vitamins and minerals like folate, iron, potassium, magnesium, chromium, chlorine, zinc, and phosphorus.

They work as a disinfectant to protect the body from diarrhoea and prevent the appearance of kidney stones and gall bladder stones in the long term. Tomatoes are beneficial for eye sight, good stomach health and help to reduce blood pressure. Tomato helps in digestion, blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, protect the kidneys, flushes out free radicals and fight against premature ageing. Tomato is rich in antioxidants which prevent the many types of cancer.

It is therefore it is suggested to limit your intake of tomato if you have been diagnosed kidney problem, otherwise you don’t need to worry about tomato to eat. They are totally safe to eat if you have not noticed any kidney stone related problem in you and your family. Besides being a source of a moderate amount of oxalate, tomato is an excellent source of vitamins C and K, biotin and carotene. It also contains lycopene which protects against many types of cancer like skin, lung, breast, colon and prostate. Tomato may help to lower the risk of heart disease and cataracts.  

Top 10 Health Benefits of Pineapple

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In Everyday Life, vitamins and minerals play important role. Fruits are best source of real nutrition. Fruits are natural source of vitamins and minerals required by our body for its proper function, repair and better immune system. It is better to consume the whole fruits as they are in nature. In this article, we are going to find what health benefits could be taken from a wonderful fruit ‘Pineapple’ which is healthy as well as delicious. Pineapple is a fantastic fruit which is prickly on the outside whereas sweet on the inside.
Pineapples contain high amounts of vitamin C and manganese. It is a good source of dietary fiber and bromelain (an enzyme). It contains high amounts of manganese which is important for antioxidant defences. In addition to it; it also contains high amounts of thiamin and B vitamin that is involved in energy production.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Pineapple

1.        Morning Sickness
Consume pineapple in morning in your breakfast; it will help those people who feel sickness in morning. Especially ladies feel sickness in morning in their pregnancy time.
2.        Immune System
It makes our immune system strong to fight against diseases.
3.        Fight against Allergy
It contains bromelain which fight against cold, cough and throat problems. It also reduces the chance of any types of allergy.
4.        Stronger Bones
It also contains manganese which helps for building of stronger bones and help us to be active whole of the day.
5.        Healthy Vision
Studies show that daily consumption of a pineapple may reduce the aging effect and helps to maintain your eye sight at old age.
6.        Heart Problems
It reduces the level of cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart problems due to bad cholesterol.
7.        Fight against Cancer
It contains a special type of antioxidant which fights against any type of cancer and prevent the growth of tumor.
8.        Remove Cavity
It helps to kill all type of bacteria growth in mouth and hence prevent cavity.
9.        Blood Pressure
If you consume pineapple daily, it would be very helpful to lower your high blood pressure. It has very low sodium and rich in potassium. This combination helps in balancing your blood pressure.
10.      Boost the Fertility
Pineapple contains several beneficial vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, beta carotene, copper and zinc which help to boost fertility in both men and women.

Rise With Beautiful Face Everyday Morning

In Everyday Life, as you know very well, minimum 8 hours sleep is very essential for good health as well as beautiful skin. Do you know how to get beautiful and charming face in Everyday morning? Yes, you will have to obey some directions as given in this post.

Firstly, there is a need to change your routine of Everyday Life. Spare 10 minutes daily before retiring to bed. Put any vitamin e moisture on face, arm and leg after washing and cleaning. It will improve your skin tremendously and important thing is the place where you keep your moisture. Cool moisture do magic on skin. Don’t forget to user face wash in Everyday morning to clean the skin.

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For beautiful and dense eyebrow and eyelids, put olive oil and gently massage on it. It strengthens the hair from root and improves density on eyebrow and eyelids. For beautiful, glowing pinky lips, scrub lips gently to remove all dead skin. It will increase the blood circulation. Put on lip balm in well before going to bed. This routine will give soft, beautiful and glowing lips. To get rid of dark circle under eye, boil green tea bags in some water and let it cool down in freeze. Now put these bags on the dark circle. Caffeine in green tea helps to soften the skin and tighten the wrinkle.

A complete 8 hours sleep is very essential for overall health including beautification. Go to bed with relax body. If you feel for bathe, take it but with mild or hot water. Never take tea, coffee or any caffeine drink before going to bed. Always keep in mind your bed and its items. Silk cloth prevents hair damage during sleep due to friction. It is good for skin and prevent wrinkles. Use of silk in bed improves your hair and skin health magically.

Follow these tips and see the magic after one week. Rise and see the mirror and observe how much improvement is there in your skin health. take minimum 8 glasses of water a day. The water will clear your skin and make it glow by flushing out toxins quickly. Drink herbal tea or other non-caffeinated drink to ensure hydration. Do cardio as it makes your skin glow because it stimulates blood circulation.

In whole day, you skin goes through makeup, dirt, and oil build. Ensure cleansing of skin before going to bed. It is very necessary for clogging up your pores and it also prevents smearing bacteria on your pillow where it can get into your skin at night. Use a gentle face wash. 

Top Ten Benefits Of Cumin Seeds

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Cumin is scientifically known as Cuminum Cyminum and it belongs to family Apiaceae and is extensively used in culinary practices of the Indian Subcontinent and some other Asian, African and Latin American countries as a condiment or spice. Cumin is considered a boost for overall health and is beneficial for even in most dangerous diseases like cancer. Have a look on the following benefits of a spice used in your Everyday Life.

Top 10 Benefits Of Cumin Seeds

1. Cumin Seeds has vitamin C, carotene, iron, potassium, manganese and zinc which help in Liver protection and detoxification. 

2. It improves digestion by stimulating salivation and aids in secretion of pancreatic enzymes, that regulates digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

3. It helps to relieve respiratory infections as it acts as an expectorant by loosing up accumulated phlegm and mucus in respiratory tracts. 

4. It enhances immunity because it is a rich source of vitamin C. 

5. It helps in production of blood cells and platelets which occurs in bone marrow as it has copper and zink. 

6. Regular use of Cumin seeds helps your skin to be free from boils, rashes and pimples as it has cuminaldehyde and thymol and phosphorus which act as detoxifying agents. 

7. It helps to prevent Premature Aging and slow down aging speed as it contains vitamin E. 

8. It protects your skin from itching, body beat, fungal and microbial infections. 

9. It helps to care your skin from eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders. 

10. It is used for aromatherapy and scalp treatment to get rid of dandruff.

Top Ten Ways To Prevent Dental Erosion

Dental erosion is the erosion of the teeth surface and enamel due to acids you eat or drink and acids coming up from your stomach. These acids can dissolve the crystals that make up your teeth and resulting teeth erosion and soften the surface. 

In Everyday Life routine we do various mistakes which results teeth enamel loss and in addition to it, chipping, breaking, discoloration, sensitivity and even cracks in the teeth may occur which are extremely painful and dental procedures don’t come cheap. Erosion is found initially in the enamel and, if unchecked, may proceed to the underlying dentin. 

The most common cause of erosion is by acidic foods, fruits and drinks. In general, foods and drinks with a pH below 5.0–5.7 have been known to trigger dental erosion effects. Additionally, wine has been shown to erode teeth, with the pH of wine as low as 3.0–3.8. Other possible sources of erosive acids are from exposure to chlorinated swimming pool water, and regurgitation of gastric acids. Plaque is also said to cause tooth erosion because plaque contains bacteria and food debris. These micro-organisms feed on food debris and discharge acidic substances that could cause tooth erosion.

Top 10 Ways To Prevent Dental Erosion

1. Limit intake of acidic beverages. 

2. Avoid too much use of acidic foods and fruit.

3. Eat diary products as these have calcium which helps to prevent dental damage by acid. 

4. Drink a glass of milk in Everyday Life.

5. Rinse your mouth every time after having acidic drink, fruit or fruit.

6. Don't brush your teeth more than 100 secs with a soft and sensitive toothbrush. Brush twice a day and don't go to bed without brushing. Flossing is also necessary for teeth to prevent their erosion.

7. Sugar free chewing gum helps to wash away acid.

8. Avoid consuming of carbonated drinks and wine.

9. Avoid dry mount condition as saliva plays important role in overall oral heath maintenance and prevents teeth erosion. Drink water frequently in small amount instead of having large amount after a long.

10. Use antibacterial agent as eating certain herbs such as sage, oregano, peppermint leaves rinses the acid from the teeth surface. Using antibacterial oils such as peppermint oil, tea tree oil, oil of oregano on the teeth can also be useful in bringing down the micro-organisms in the mouth and also the plaque formation.

Top Ten Cardiology Hospital In India

Top 10 Cardiology Hospital In India

Top 10 Cardiology Hospital In India 

1. All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi 

2. Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore
3. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi 

4. Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai 

5. B M Birla Heart Research Centre, Kolkata 

6. Manipal Hospital, Banglore 

7. Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai 

8. Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education Research, Chandigarh 

9. Christian Medical College, Vellore 

10. Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Top Ten Warning Signs For Heart Attack

In Everyday Life, Heart Attack is the serious problem about which it is important to know its most common symptoms. Heart attacks can start slowly and cause only mild pain or discomfort. 

Symptoms can be mild or more intense and sudden. Symptoms also may come and go over several hours. People who have high blood sugar (diabetes) may have no symptoms or very mild ones. 

The most common symptom, in both men and women, is chest pain or discomfort. 

Top 10 Warning Signs For Heart Attack

Some people don't have symptoms at all. Heart attacks that occur without any symptoms or with very mild symptoms are called silent heart attacks.
1.       Uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing or pain in centre of the chest
2.       Pain spreading from the chest to the shoulders, jaw, neck, arms and back
3.       Light headedness
4.       Fainting / Sweating
5.       Nausea
6.       Dyspnea (Shortness of breath)
7.       Inability to move after a meal
8.       Fatigue
9.       Sudden panting when climbing steps
10.     Abdominal discomfort

The symptoms of a heart attack can vary from person to person. Some people can have few symptoms and are surprised to learn they've had a heart attack. If you've already had a heart attack, your symptoms may not be the same for another one.

Not all heart attacks begin with the sudden, crushing chest pain that often is shown on TV or in the movies.  for example, one-third of the patients who had heart attacks had no chest pain. These patients were more likely to be older, female, or diabetic.

Top Ten Care For Skin In Summer

In Everyday Life, care for skin is very essential, especially in summer. Skin is the mirror of your health. If you are suffering skin problems, it means something is wrong within body, it may be excess of toxins or constipation. 

You are not taking balanced diet and consequently fat glands are unbalanced. Besides it, you are not caring for your skin externally. Remember your skin is the mirror of your health.

Top 10 Care For Skin In Summer

1. Use oil free moisturizer with SPF 30 which provides protection from sun. Water based sun cream is highly preferred instead of oil based.

2. Drink plenty of fresh water to avoid de-hydration.

3. Use Cleansing milk instead of normal soap.

4. Use such type of light make up that provides moisturizer too.

5. Avoid direct sun expose. Wear full sleeve outfits use umbrella, goggle etc.

6. Wash your face at least thrice a day.

7. Protect your hair with conditioner and ultra violet protection cream.

8. Lip balm is very useful for lip protection. 

9. Use rose water instead of other oily mixtures.

10. Consume cucumber, watermelon, pineapple etc to get hydrated in summer. 

Google Health Card Now In India By Apollo

Apollo Hospital and Google made agreement to provide health related information to public based upon search engine.

With the help of this health card, anyone would be able to find all information about near about 400 diseases in his/her own language by just typing disease's name. He could known how one disease occurs, what are symptoms and how to cure it.

In addition to it, patients would get all facts related to disease treatment, whether it is infectious or not, what age it may happen at, special symptoms and even high defination pictures related to all concerned to that particular disease.

Drink Fruit Juice Or Eat Whole Fruit/Vegetable

In Everyday Life, fruit and vegetable juice is better option than drinking sugary teas or soft drinks and even better than eating no fruit or vegetables at all. In addition, juices can help you to get what we can get from four of five servings of fruit and vegetables daily.
Then, is drinking vegetable or fruit juice as beneficial as eating them whole as nature provides us ?
Generally, juices lack in full wealth of nutrients that whole fruits and vegetables offer. When you drink fruit juice, you fail to gain most of fiber and other nutrients found in the fruit's skin that are lost when the fruit is processed into juice.
So, in short, eating of whole fruits and vegetables is more beneficial than drinking fresh juice.
Avoid the packed juice as it contains added sugar and preservatives. And it may be high in sodium.

Top Ten Anti Aging Tips

1. Reduce extra pounds by burning fat as it results various diseases.
2. Do exercise daily, it helps to build new muscles and keep your skin tight to look younger.
3. Do meditation in Everyday Life. It calms your mind and thoughts, lower stress level and keeps you active throughout of the day.
4. Drink at least 8 to 10 glass of fresh water as it detoxifies your body and enhance your face glow unnaturally.
5. Consume a lot of veggies and fruit, in their natural form preferally, as these provides antioxidents and vitamins to our body which lower your aging speed.
6. Don't be alcoholic and get rid of habit of smoking as these things make your skin aged by lowering the natural moisture of skin and you look aged comparatively.
7. Take a proper sleep of 6 to 7 hours everyday as it helps to repair your body and lowers the stress level.
8. Before going out ensure sunscream, umbrella and goggles to avoid the direct explose to harmfull rays.
9. Avoid junk food and too much consume of suger, salt and spschedule0. Be active throughout of the day. In your extra time, keep busy yourself to learn new things, you may try cooking of new recipes, decorate your home as your ever want but do not do in busy schedule

Real Reason Of Rajan Das's Heart Attack

Loss of one proper sleep out of your Everyday Life,  increases very toxic substances in body such as Interleukin-6 (IL-6), Tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and C-reactive protein (CRP). They also cause cancer, arthritis and heart disease.

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Sleeping for <=5 hours per night leads to 39% increase in heart disease. Sleeping for <=6 hours per night leads to 8% increase in heart disease.
What is ideal sleep?
In brief, sleep is composed of two stages: REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and  non-REM. The former helps in mental consolidation while the latter helps in physical repair and rebuilding.
No wonder when one wakes up with an alarm clock after 5-6  hours of sleep, he/she is mentally irritable throughout the day (lack of REM sleep).
And if somebody has slept for less than 5 hours, the body is in a complete physical mess (lack of non-REM sleep), the person is tired throughout the day and immunity is way down.
We are playing with fire if we are sleeping less than 7 hours even if we have low stress.
Young people (25-49 years of age) are twice as likely to get high BP if they sleep less.
Individuals who sleep less than 5 hours a night have a 3-fold increased  risk of heart attack
Do not set your alarm clock under 7 hours.
One latest example is the death of Ranjan Das, CEO and MD of SAP-Indian subcontinent who died after a massive cardiac arrest in Mumbai recently.
One of the youngest CEOs, he was only 42.
He was very active in sports, was a fitness freak and a marathon runner.
After his workout, he collapsed with a massive heart attack and died. He is survived by his wife and two very young kids.
It was certainly a wake-up call for corporate India. However, it was even more disastrous for runners. The question arises as  to why an exceptionally active, athletic person succumbed to a heart attack at 42 years of age.
Barring stress control, Ranjan Das did everything right: eating proper food, exercising, maintaining proper weight. But he missed getting proper and adequate sleep, minimum 7 hours. That killed him.
We are playing with fire if we are sleeping less than 7 hours in Everydaylife. So share this important message to all who do you care of so much.

Smoking Is Injurious To Health

It is known not that cigarette smoking is hurtful and addictive. Be that as it may, not very many know the dangers of cigarette compulsion. Smoking exacts body with numerous irreversible harms and decreases the human life range by 25 years. 

Impacts of Smoking on Body

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Smoking is the greatest danger component for all heart illnesses. It quickens the procedure of fat affidavit in the inward dividers of courses (atherosclerosis). It builds circulatory strain and heart rate. Not just these, smoking expands inclination for the blood to clump. It diminishes the limit of a man to work out. (Practices dependably keep heart solid). 


Smoking decimates little hairs present in upper parts of aviation routes. In typical persons these hairs shield lungs from germs, dust and other destructive particles. At the point when this regular cleaning framework is harmed germs, dust, smoke and other destructive chemicals enter lungs creating disease, hack and lung tumor. The air sacs of lungs (alveoli) get for all time harmed bringing on trouble in relaxing. 

Digestive framework

Smoking causes heart blaze ,delays mending of peptic ulcers, builds danger of crohn's illness and arrangement of nerve stones. It influences liver and expansions odds of stomach tumor. 


Smoking influences veins of legs bringing about ceaseless torment in legs. This might facilitate advancement to bring about gangrene of toes or feet. 


The touchy veins of eye are effectively harmed by smoking. This causes ragged looking appearance of eyes and tingling. In substantial smokers it might prompt degeneration and loss of visual perception. Smokers are at an expanded danger of waterfalls. 

Skin :

Due to smoking the skin is denied of oxygen and it loses its composition. A normal smoker looks 5 years more established than his sound non smoking partners. The skin loses its solid shine and tackles a yellowish-dark cast. The more cigarettes smoked, the more terrible skin will look. Wrinkles begin showing up rapidly as smoking influences flexible tissues of skin. Bones: It quickens the procedure of osteoporosis 


Smoking causes growth of lungs, larynx, oral pit, pharynx, throat and bladder. Tobacco smoke contains more than 60 substances which cause tumor. 87% lung disease demise happens because of smoking. 

Regenerative framework

Smoking diminishes richness in both men and ladies. 

In ladies

Smoking uneven characters estrogen hormone in ladies. It causes dryness of vagina and decreases blood stream to genital organs. Ladies who smoke can get sicknesses of Fallopian tubes and their egg creation is influenced. Smoking can bring about premature birth. It quickens maturing handle and can bring about ahead of schedule menopause. The development of child retards when mother smokes in pregnancy. It influences the mental health of child and diminishes IQ. This happens notwithstanding when mother is an inactive smoker. The odds of unsuccessful labor, untimely conception and fetal demise increment. 

In men

Smoking weakens erections and can turn into a purpose behind erectile brokenness. It additionally diminishes sperm check and hinders sperm motility. Be that as it may, these are switched in the wake of ceasing smoking. Consequently quit smoking. 

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Love Chemistry In Everyday Life

Love Chemistry

There are a lot of chemicals antagonism about your academician and physique if you're in love. Researchers are gradually acquirements added and added about the roles they play both if we are falling in adulation and if we're in abiding relationships. Of course, estrogen and testosterone play a role in the sex drive breadth (see How Sex Works). Without them, we ability never adventure into the "real love" arena. That antecedent airheadedness that comes if we're aboriginal falling in adulation includes a antagonism heart, ablaze derma and bathed palms. Researchers say this is due to the dopamine, norepinephrine and phenylethylamine we're releasing. 

Love Chemistry

Dopamine is anticipation to be the "pleasure chemical," bearing a activity of bliss. Norepinephrine is agnate to adrenaline and produces the antagonism affection and excitement. 

Love Chemistry

According to Helen Fisher, anthropologist and acclaimed adulation researcher from Rutgers University, calm these two chemicals aftermath elation, acute energy, sleeplessness, craving, accident of appetence and focused attention. 

10 Signs You Have A Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut is self inflicted. We can injure the gut lining by taking nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs. We can kill our good bacteria with alcohol, antibiotics, chlorinated drinking water, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals in our food. We also consume lots of sugar in Everyday Life. All thats leads to dcreased intestinal functionand creats those gaps in the intestine.

Holes In Your Stomach

The intestine helps us absorb food nutrients into our bloodstream to nourish the body but the intestine also acts as a barrier. There are a lot of molecules and bacteria that we don't want in our bloodstream. The intestine wall prevents them from getting there. In a person with leaky gut syndrome, the intestine wall becomes more permeable than normal. As a result, alien substances gain access to the body. The immuse system fires up in self defence leading to inflammation and ailments like arthritis, allergies, diabetes, heart problems, Alzheimer's or cancer.

Leaky gut is now being blammed for a lot of our health woes. What are the sign you have leaky gut, here we go

10 Signs You Have Leaky Gut

1. Digestive disorders, gas bloating, diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome.

2. Seasonal Allergies.

3. Asthmatic Problems

4. Hormonal Imbalances

5. Autoimmune diease: Rheumatoid arthritis to psoriasis

6. Chronic fatique or fibromyalgia, chronic pain and stiffness in joints

7. Depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder or attention defict hyperactivity disorder

8. Skin issues such as achne, rosacea or eczema

9. Diagnosis of candila overgrowth, leading to fungal infections

10. Food allergies or food intolerance

Top Ten Causes For Muscle Cramp

In Everyday Life, amid us, everyone experiences muscle cramps usually, which come without warning. You could be out for a run or drifting off to sleep when it happens. The muscles of your calf or foot suddenly become hard, tight, and extremely painful.

Muscle cramp are sudden painful contractions that occur in various muscles. Commonly affected muscles include those in the back of lower leg, back of thigh, front of thigh etc. In addition to it, you may feel cramp in your abdominal wall, arms, feet and hands. This intense pain can be in night and you may not be able even to walk. In some cases, a bulging lump beneath the skin can accompany a cramp as well.

Top 10 Causes For Muscle Cramp

1. Poor blood circulation in the legs

2. Overexertion of the calf muscles while exercising

3. Insufficient stretching before exercise

4. Exercising in the heat

5. Muscle fatigue

6. De-hydration

7. Deficiency of Mg and Potassium

8. Calcium deficiency

9. Malfunctioning nerves

10. Spinal cord injury or pinched nerve in the neck or back.

Heal Muscle Cramp By 10 Foods

In Everyday Life, Leg cramps are not usually a serious illness but they can be incredibly painful and debilitating. They may be caused by several things as you have read in previous post. What works best for you will depend on the underlying cause, besides it here are some foods that may help you to heal your muscle cramp.
Eat foods that contain potassium. Potassium is a mineral that helps to break down your intake carbo and helps to build muscles. You may include the following top 10 foods to get high potassium for everyday
* Handful of dried fruits
* A glass of tomato juice
* A glass of milk
* A glass of any citrus fruit
* A slice of melon
* A banana
*  An orange a day
* Drinking lot of water
* Stop taking too much caffeine foods like coffee, tea and soda.
* Grean Tea
The above intake for everyday can help banish leg cramp and prevent their recurrence. They also help to flush out the cramp causing waste products from your muscles. Avoid high caffeined food and prefer grean tea and water.

Top Ten Veg Foods That Are Non Veg

In Everyday Life, we obviously hear that  plant-based vegetarian diet is superior to non-vegetarian diet because that prevents heart diseases, colon cancer, diabetes, gout, osteoporosis, gallstones, kidney stones and kidney related ailments, other different kinds of cancer and finally obesity. If vegetarian diet is combined with regular exercise then it is not unlikely that blood pressure can also be controlled to a considerable extent. Vegetarianism has been advocated since time immemorial and more or less in all religions. Ancient Hindus were all vegetarians in normal times, if vegetarian foods were available in plenty. Meat diet was recommended only when normal vegetarian foods were not readily available during any natural calamities. 

Nature has created humans as vegetarian, because our internal structure does not match with the structure of a meat eating animal rather it is very much close to herb eating animal, like cow or goat; again our canines are not that developed like tigers or cats, because we are not supposed to tear any flesh. Any vegetarian diet can be easily healthy, if we are slightly careful in terms of what we eat and how we eat. Cooking process underlines a lot of difference. In fact, our cooking process is not scientific, for which a vegetarian usually suffers from deficiency diseases. Preferring a vegetarian diet but at the same time if we have fascination for processed food items, then it is not a healthy eating habit, because they constitute many chemicals as preservatives and taste makers and in many cases laced with artificial colouring agents, which are harmful for the body in the long run. Whatever we eat should preferably be self-cooked, there should not be anything, which is artificially prepared or some chemicals added to enhance its flavor. 

Based upon the above facts, many people are turning from non veg to vegetarian, then you need to exercise some caution, there are some common food items which are easily passed with a vegetarian tag but can actually be non vegetarian. Some of the ingredients used to make these items are actually derived from animal fat or even meat products. So the next time you crave for one of these foods. 


1. Soup 

We Indians love soup. But do you know your favorite man-chow soup is actually non vegetarian. If you are having his soup in restaurants then beware. Restaurants often add sauces to you soup which are made using fish or are fish sauces. So if you think you are having something vegetarian, you are not. Next time do ask before ordering.  

2. Naan 

Our typical Indian lunch out is incomplete without naan. Well not all naans are non veg but many recipes for authentic naan call for used of eggs for kneading the dough to keep it soft and give it good elasticity. That’s absolutely fie if you are an eggeatrian but dear vegetarian, you better find some other option for your paneer tikkas. 

3. Cheese 

Indians have taken to cheese like a fish to water and we now add cheeses to each and every recipe. So you have cheese pav bhaji, cheese poha, cheese dosa and even cheese paratha. But did you know that the cheese you love might contain rennet, which is an enzymes derived from animal guts. Unfortunately for you, the cheese packets do not list the actual enzyme used but just a generic term enzyme.  

4. Oils

Remember that advertisement of hear friendly oil. That actually not heart friendly at all. Oils and juice that contain omega 3 acids, advertised to be good for your heart are derived from fish oil. Also some juices claim to have vitamin d which is derived from lanolin, obtained from sheep. 

5. Salad Dressings 

If you ordered lettuce salad, don’t think you are safe. Think again. You know the vegetable are, well vegetarian but have you ever wondered about the sauce. What exactly is in those sauces that make your salad so tasty? Most often salad dressings are not completely vegetarian and contain eggs. So the next time you order a salad or are buying your favourite salad dressing, please check the ingredients list thoroughly.  

6. White Sugar 

Did you know that while processing white sugar, to taste it precisely as you like it white manufacturers send it through a cleansing process? And the cleansing process is done using natural carbon. Wondering where that natural in carbon come from. Bone char. Yes you thought right. Charred animal bones. The safest way is to buy unrefined sugar or stick to brown jaggery.

7. Beer/Wine 

Beer or wine makers often use isinglass or fish bladders to clarify their beer. So the colour you love about, thanks to fish bladder. Well most of the famous beer and wine brands in the world used isinglass. 

8. Jelly 

We all know what the main ingredient of jelly is. That is right Gelatin. And gelatin is an animal derivative. However, in recent times, gelatin is being replaced by starch or other similar food products and chemicals so you might just be safe. 

9. Potato chips 

It is hard to believe but yes even potato chips are non vegetarian. Many chips especially barbecue floor, contain chicken fat. So next you buy any chips packet, double check the ingredients. 

10. Cake Mix 

For people who eat egg, cake mixes doesn’t makes any difference but for a hard core vegetarian, it is difficult to digest. Some cake mixes contain pork fat or lard, especially imported ones. 

Top Ten Ways To Gain New Energy

Do you constantly feel tired in Everyday Life ? Do you wonder why you tire easily? Other questions, which can bug your mind, might be: Do I have an un diagnosed disease causing low energy levels? Does my age, poor diet, stress levels (from thinking what could cause your low energy levels) and persistent lack of sleep cause low energy levels? Calm down friend. Let’s address your concerns in this article, shall we? 

Fatigue is the sophisticated term used by medical professionals to mean a state of lack of energy and a sense of tiredness. Most of us get tired at some point in our lives, right? What probably concerns us more is the persistence of fatigue despite our best efforts to get rid of it. To know how to gain new energy in Everyday Life, read the following points.


1. Get To Bed By 10 PM

Your body does the most repair between the hours of 10 pm and 1 am every night, so try to get to bed early. Make sure you sleep in a dark room because even small amounts of light can disturb restful sleep.

2. Cut Out Processed Food

Given our busy lifestyles, processed foods are the most common foods today. If you opened a can, box or bag for any of your meals today, chances are you were eating a processed food. Processed foods are devoid of nutrition, full of chemicals and rob your body of minerals. They clog your digestive tract and divert energy from healing to digestion.

3. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is fake energy that makes your blood more acidic. It gives you a temporary high and can dehydrate you, making you feel tired. If you need an energy boost, try a drink made with Vitality Super Green instead of a soda or cup of coffee.

4. Eliminate Sugar

Sugar, like caffeine, sets your body up for an energy "crash," and then you just crave more sugar. It also ages your body and feeds energy-robbing infections. Try a no-calorie sugar replacement instead.

5. Include Fermented Foods And Drinks

Fermented drinks full of minerals that also provides you with plenty of probiotics that help you digest food, assimilates nutrients, and boost your immunity. Probiotic liquids are a great choice to boost your energy naturally - and economically and conveniently. You can easily add fermented foods to your diet with cultured vegetables. Cultured vegetables are full of probiotics, vitamin C (important for adrenal and thyroid health) and nutrients. Since fermented foods and drinks aid your digestion and assimilation of foods, your body benefits from doing less work to get a bigger energy boost.

6. Be Hydrated Always

Fatigue happens because of dehydration. You need water for every cellular function in your body. Hydrate first thing in the morning by drinking two glasses of water upon waking, and then slowly sip water throughout the day. About ½ hour before you eat lunch and dinner consume another large glass of water to "prime" your intestines for digestion. The beneficial micro flora benefit as well. Notice how doing this affects your overall energy. Keep in mind that your adrenals control hydration and adrenal fatigue affects your body's ability to hydrate. You could be drinking water and still be dehydrated if your adrenals are weak. Be patient with your body. 

7. Honor Your Body

Each day that you eat healthier than the day before, your body will cleanse and detoxify itself. During each cleanse you will feel tired and even experience cold and flu-like symptoms. Give your body rest and stick with your new habits. This is a very good time to visit a professional colon hydro therapist or do home enemas with nourishing implants. When symptoms of toxic die off pass, you will feel better than ever before. Eat your animal protein in the middle of the day (11 am - 2 pm). Digestion takes up a lot of energy in your body. 

8. Do Regular Exercise

You need adequate exercise during the day to cleanse your blood, get more oxygen, stimulate your digestive tract, and sleep soundly. One of my favourite exercises is rebounding. Rebounding is fun, easy and takes little effort, so you may find you can rebound even if you have chronic fatigue.

9. Vitamin D By Getting Sunshine

Your body needs the vitamin D that your skin manufactures when it's exposed to the sun. Vitamin D deficiency is more common that you think and adversely impacts your health. If you are having problems falling asleep at night, I highly recommend at least 20-30 minutes of early morning sun to reset your internal body clock. Of course, do not check your emails or watch the late night news before retiring. Daily sun can help reset your internal clock so that you feel tired earlier in the evening, making it easier to go to bed around 10 pm.

10. Smile And Practice Gratitude

Do what it takes to decrease stress in your life. Whether that means taking more time for yourself, switching jobs, avoiding toxic people in your life or developing small habits that help you feel relaxed, living a less stressful life is perhaps the most important change you can make to enhance your health.

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Top 10 Reasons You Have Low Energy

Do you feel tired and sluggish in Everyday Life. Have you ever wanted to go right back to bed after you woke up?If you feel exhausted, then your body is in crisis and telling you that it needs tender loving care. Your body depends on a balance of wholesome foods with quality nutrients, refreshing sleep, and good thoughts to keep you healthy. But after years of sleep deprivation, stress, use of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, and a diet high in processed foods, refined fats and sugar, stress, your body begins to lose it's natural, life force energy. 

It may have taken many years to feel chronic fatigue, so while changes you make may not be overnight, they go a long way toward creating lasting health and better moods. 

Top 10 Reasons for Low Energy 

1. You’re eating too much sugar. 

 2. You aren’t exercising enough. 

 3. You’re skipping breakfast. 

 4. You’re sitting too much. 

 5. You’re drinking too much caffeine. 

 6. You’re dehydrated. 

7. You're not sleeping enough. 

 8. You're low in vitamin B and Iron. 

9. You are diabetic.  

10. Your hormones are out of whack.

Know How To Gain New Energy