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Wi-Fi made our life with internet without cluster of cables but it is one of the way hackers try to get your network information and data without getting inside because is open in its range to everyone and less secure as compared to wired network. Mostly users set simple password to their Wi-Fi which can be remembered by them easily based upon their mobile number, date of birth or name of their spouse or lover.
Friends, we are here to know how to secure your Wi-Fi and protect our network for saving of data and to avoid steeling of valuable data. Here are top ten tips to secure Wi-Fi network.

Top Ten Tips To Secure Wi-Fi

It is not very tough to prevent your Wi-Fi network to be secure. It is very essential, if you are using internet on Wi-Fi, to save your bandwidth and to avoid taking control on your computer through Wi-Fi network by hacking it. It is also suggested to keep your router switched off when there is no need of internet connection.
Some simple but very essential tips which should be applied if you have Wi-Fi enabled modem at your workplace of home.

1.     Physical Security to Router

At first, you should ensure the physical security of your router. Only authorized person should be allow should access it otherwise it is very easy to play with your internet connection and network connected to it because router can be reset very easily and can be configured with another setting.

2.     Password Security

Maximum router have login password such as “admin” as well as same username which comforts hackers to breach your network. So it is very important to apply a password easy to remember but tough to guess by others. Change username something different from what the manufacture has given default. By using default username and password, your router can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world and can be configured with different setting.

3.     Disable Unused Ports on Router and Enable Firewall

If you are using switch next to router for connecting a number of systems, then most probably you are using only one LAN Port. So all other ports should be disabled. Any ports may provide connectivity to Wi-Fi router which can use another name i.e. SSID for providing internet using your bandwidth. Enable firewall because it keeps watching on all incoming internet data. It compares this incoming data to the prescribed one and pass one which matches.

4.     Wi-Fi Security Protocol

WEP is very weak security protocol used in router which can be easily broken by using some free software, even on mobile. WPA (Wireless Protected Access) is alternative to WEP for better security. And WPA2 is an advanced protocol than WPA and it supports encryption with 256 bit key. WIPS and WIDS are more advanced security policies which guard the network and prevent from unauthorized access and use of network resources.

5.     Choose SSID Name Smartly

The SSID (Service Set Identifier) on your router is usually set as “default”, “d-link”, “TP Link” of something another name depending upon manufacturer of router and this thing make something more ease to hackers. So you are suggested to choose your SSID smartly. Avoid providing details here about your address, mobile number or any other personal information which will also help to someone looking for free internet or steel data.

6.     MAC Address Binding

Every device such as mobile, laptop etc which you are going to connect on your Wi-Fi network has unique MAC Address or physical address of the device (whereas IP Address is the logical address of the device in the network). For better security and ensuring unauthorized connectivity, you can go to your router setting and set filter as black and white list. MAC addresses listed in white list will only be allowed to access the internet connection and which are listed in black list, will never to able to connect your internet connection.

7.     Upgrade Router Firmware

When you login in your router for changing some setting, check for upgrade firmware. Before doing it, save the setting you are using. In case of failure, you can upload the same setting again without apply all setting, this will save your time. Upgrade to your router is very important for better performance, security, reliability and fast internet connection.

8.     Set Output Power

Different Wi-Fi router uses different output signal strength which decides the coverage of the Wi-Fi network. So it is very necessary to know it to plan the design of network. Output power of router is measured in either mili watt or dBm. Using of different antenna and place where router is installed also decides up to what place your Wi-Fi signal will be reachable.

9.     List of Users Connected

You should make a list of users connected to your Wi-Fi network. It is very useful because you can check for any unauthorized access. To check, you will have to use some software. These softwares are easily available on internet which will enable you to watch DHCP clients of your Wi-Fi network.

10. Disable WPS

WPS is a button on you router which makes any device to connect very easily. For this you will have to press WPS button only. It could be easily breached, so disable it for better security.  



should i host a website on my computer, everydaylife
Hosting a website does not have to invest any money and it do not require to be a professional. 
If you want to own a small website only for few visitors, you are right here and can turn your Window System into a WAMP Server for hosting your website making accessible to everybody on internet.
Hosting a website on your personal computer is an interest and full of fun but if you are going to have a serious website, then go for chargeable hosting plan. Hosting a website on local system offers some advantages and some disadvantages too, let’s see all of them.

  1. If you host a website on your local system, you could manage with full control in all aspects.
  2. You can change your domain name easily.
  3. You can sublet space to small firms within your reach by making small virtual server.
  4. Monthly saving per year is great advantages as compared if you choose for virtual hosting.
  5. You can make any changes to your website effectively and promptly within house hosting.
  6. If there is no reputable company providing hosting in your area, it is better to go for local hosting.
  7. You are not bound to specific service or system.
  8. No any third party can access your private data.


Besides of its various advantages, local hosting at your personal computer has also some downsides and limitations too which should not be ignored here.
  1. You should have to know about the installation and setup of WampServer on your system at first which will allow all the internet users to access the web content on your local system.
  2. You will have to check service provider bandwidth and term and conditions whether internet plan subscribed by you supports for running of a website at your computer system.
  3. You will have to run your system always on for website service to users. It should not be shut down or reboot because at that time your website will be unreachable to your website visitors.
  4. You will have to go for fast internet plan otherwise your website will serve poorly to its visitors.
  5. Extra service as provided with virtual hosting will be highly expensive if you plan for at local system.
  6. Security is a serious concept for hosting at local system because you are allowing internet users to access your system and you are inviting hackers to stole or corrupt your data.
  7. When your website traffic increases, you will have to do more bandwidth, more storage, install cooling system. It will increase your budget expenditure.
  8. For enhancement of your website service, either you will have to trained yourself or hire a professional staff which will also add extra expenditure.
  9.  A personal computer is very difficult to be available all times to be accessible for website visitors, when it gets any upgrades, it will reboot itself and users will get downtime.
  10. For better reliability of website, power back is also a serious concept which would need to spend more budget.
  11. There is a need to implement of monitoring system.
  12. No any up-time of website is guaranteed in case of any emergency.
  13. Immediate action will have to take by you when a problem occurs.
  14. When your website traffic increase, you will have to shift from local hosting to advanced one for better service.


Hosting Website on Window System

Great if you are going to have a website, but do you know what will be required, okey, it is domain name and web hosting. An investment would be there to buy suitable domain name. 

Hosting will also be chargeable or you may opt for hosting at local system. So friends, we are here to know how to host our website on a window system. 

If you get some technical ideas you can make hosting totally free. If you are planning to run a website for few visitors, you can host from your personal computer which is totally free. Before proceeding ahead, it is worthwhile to mention here that hosting on computer for everyday life having planned internet connection may not be good idea for a serious website. It is better if you are going to run a small website for a few visitors.

Hosting Website on Windows System

It is a very interesting thing to know and to do how to host a website on window system. But friends, it is suggested to opt it only if there is a need of local development server. For this purpose, WAMP server is primary required. 
WAMP Server

WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It installs three different applications on window system i.e. Apache, MySQL and PHP which are quite necessary to download and install all the packages in hosting otherwise you will have to download three package separately. Apache is very good in hosting whereas MySQL offers database for web content. PHP supports creation of dynamic content.

Procedure of Installation
1.     Download WampServer latest version depending upon your operating system i.e. 32 or 64 bit
2.     Run .exe file and follow the instructions
3.     You may choose web browser of your choice otherwise default browser will be used.
4.     Check for Start WampServer2 now
5.     Hit on Finish button to finalize the setup.

Create Web Page
1.     Now using Notepad, write a program for web page either in HTML of PHP.
2.     Save it with extension .php for example sample.php to the destination C:\\wamp\\www
3.     Refresh the web server to update the data in www directory.
4.     For its testing, type “http://localhost/sample.php” in browser

MySQL Configuration 
1.     Open the phpMyAdmin panel in menu.
2.     Now provide password for automatically admin user “root”.
3.     Customize database or create one if you want to do.
 Web Site Visibility 
1.     Click WampServer icon and select “Put Online” option.
2.     Go to Apache Folder and locate “httpd.conf” file in WampServer menu.
3.     Replace two lines “Order Deny, Allow” and “Deny from all” with “Order Allow, Deny” and  “Allow from all”.
4.     Restart all services to make your website accessible to everybody on internet.
5.     Change firewall setting not to block requests for website.
6.     Port 80 should be forwarded to local host on router.

Change A Need For Muslims

Nahid Afrin, a muslim girl from Assam, India, was runner up in 2015 edition of Indian Idol. After participating in Indian Idol, she is very famous in Assam for her voice. She never thought few religious people can prevent her from doing what God has gifted to her i.e. singing. She cried when she was issued 46 'Fatwa' for her public performance reason being Islam does not allow women for singing, dancing or acting.

How someone so called trained scholar can prevent a girl from living her personnel life in this century. Funny is it and even irony too. Actually Mufti is a trained person in muslim law. He can only guide the people. He is not a judge who will issue a verdict and force people to follow his religious teaching.

Fatwa is simply a non binding opinion from an Islamic Scholar. It is totally weight less issue. Fatwa contains the details of scholar reasoning and it cannot be imposed on other life forcefully. And it should depend on the folloers what to follow and whom to follow. People should never be forced to follow any religious rule and even to change his hobbies like singing or acting. But irony is that few so called intelligent persons of muslim religion consider Fatwa as universal binding. Few trained persons from Madrasha give Fatwa on singing by a muslim girl. Such type of reaction depicts very dangerous and violent ruling. Therefore now time has come to make a change by Muslim people. Why they are following such trained persons even when such people does not know the reasons behind their Fatwa. It is totally a practice to be followed by Muslim people for pleasure of God and not for their own pleasure. It is totally baseless stuff if few muslim people think to rule the people on the name of Islam. Is it not a dictatorship.

Most important, In India, there is no illegal post for such people who issue Fatwa but they use it like as illegal binding. Egypt is muslim country where Mufti position is appointed by authority of country but his Fatwa has no binding upon anyone. No word i.e. Fatwa is included in Quran. In this century, this is a wrost thing and should be totally banned. No need is there in era of internet to take suggestions from some trained person from madrasha. People can find their answer about their religious query from various internet sites offering online Fatwa (suggestion). Moreover every Mufti has different view on a religious topic. So they are not based upon Quran as no word 'Fatwa' is included in it. Some examples of Fatwa given below would show what are these trained people from madrasha.

"Unlimited financial reward to anybody who would kill Tashlima Nasree", "Enemy of Islam; Faraq Foda", "Kill civilians and military personnel from US and allied countries", "Every muslim should be a militant" etc all such type of people pave the way for violence and misunderstanding of religion.

In Todays times, what Islam is facing in this world and wrost codition of women is totally a consequence of what they are practicing. Now time has come to change the old rule and type of teaching from madrasha. In this modern age, where computer and mobile is ruling, education standard of madrasha is wrost.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Pineapple

everyday life, pineaaple benefits
In Everyday Life, vitamins and minerals play important role. Fruits are best source of real nutrition. Fruits are natural source of vitamins and minerals required by our body for its proper function, repair and better immune system. It is better to consume the whole fruits as they are in nature. In this article, we are going to find what health benefits could be taken from a wonderful fruit ‘Pineapple’ which is healthy as well as delicious. Pineapple is a fantastic fruit which is prickly on the outside whereas sweet on the inside.
Pineapples contain high amounts of vitamin C and manganese. It is a good source of dietary fiber and bromelain (an enzyme). It contains high amounts of manganese which is important for antioxidant defences. In addition to it; it also contains high amounts of thiamin and B vitamin that is involved in energy production.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Pineapple

1.        Morning Sickness
Consume pineapple in morning in your breakfast; it will help those people who feel sickness in morning. Especially ladies feel sickness in morning in their pregnancy time.
2.        Immune System
It makes our immune system strong to fight against diseases.
3.        Fight against Allergy
It contains bromelain which fight against cold, cough and throat problems. It also reduces the chance of any types of allergy.
4.        Stronger Bones
It also contains manganese which helps for building of stronger bones and help us to be active whole of the day.
5.        Healthy Vision
Studies show that daily consumption of a pineapple may reduce the aging effect and helps to maintain your eye sight at old age.
6.        Heart Problems
It reduces the level of cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart problems due to bad cholesterol.
7.        Fight against Cancer
It contains a special type of antioxidant which fights against any type of cancer and prevent the growth of tumor.
8.        Remove Cavity
It helps to kill all type of bacteria growth in mouth and hence prevent cavity.
9.        Blood Pressure
If you consume pineapple daily, it would be very helpful to lower your high blood pressure. It has very low sodium and rich in potassium. This combination helps in balancing your blood pressure.
10.      Boost the Fertility
Pineapple contains several beneficial vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, beta carotene, copper and zinc which help to boost fertility in both men and women.

Upgrade Your Older Mobile Phone

In Everyday Life, amid us everyone is using the WhatsApp; a popular messaging app. WhatsApp was started in 2009 and has completed seven years of its service. During this period, a lot of updates came. Today’s WhatsApp is very different from the previous version. Every new version came with new features including security. WhatsApp has taken a tough decision keeping in view of providing better features. It will not run on the old phones after new coming updates from WhatsApp. Just like the messages and audio calls, video calling is end-to-end and some features like in Snapchat will be included in the next coming versions. WhatsApp will provide new features which would not be supported by older mobile phone.

All types of old smart phones platform will be affected by this change by WhatsApp. Users of older Android, iOS, Windows phones and others featured phones like Symbian will be affected. Smart phones having Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 will no longer be able to support WhatsApp. Windows phone will have to be upgraded beyond Windows Phone 7.1 to. Apple users with iOS 6 will not be able to run WhatsApp on their phone. If you are using one of these older mobile phones, it is suggested to upgrade your smart phone with latest Android, iOS or Windows phones. WhatsApp will end support for its service on the following mobile platforms:-

1. BlackBerry OS
2. BlackBerry 10
3. Nokia S40
4. Nokia Symbian S60
5. Android 2.1
6. Android 2.2
7. Windows Phone 7
8. Phone 3GS/iOS 6

All user of above mobile phone will surely face harsh after stop of WhatsApp service. WhatsApp offers end to end encryption on smart phones as well as featured phones as well. After December 2016, everyone using WhatsApp will be forced to opt for new mobile phones supporting a newer version of Windows, Android or iOS. In order to make these old phones, some development could be made by third party. But third party application is never recommended as once the service is stopped by WhatsApp, older smart phones could create a security threat..

Rise With Beautiful Face Everyday Morning

In Everyday Life, as you know very well, minimum 8 hours sleep is very essential for good health as well as beautiful skin. Do you know how to get beautiful and charming face in Everyday morning? Yes, you will have to obey some directions as given in this post.

Firstly, there is a need to change your routine of Everyday Life. Spare 10 minutes daily before retiring to bed. Put any vitamin e moisture on face, arm and leg after washing and cleaning. It will improve your skin tremendously and important thing is the place where you keep your moisture. Cool moisture do magic on skin. Don’t forget to user face wash in Everyday morning to clean the skin.

everyday life, health
For beautiful and dense eyebrow and eyelids, put olive oil and gently massage on it. It strengthens the hair from root and improves density on eyebrow and eyelids. For beautiful, glowing pinky lips, scrub lips gently to remove all dead skin. It will increase the blood circulation. Put on lip balm in well before going to bed. This routine will give soft, beautiful and glowing lips. To get rid of dark circle under eye, boil green tea bags in some water and let it cool down in freeze. Now put these bags on the dark circle. Caffeine in green tea helps to soften the skin and tighten the wrinkle.

A complete 8 hours sleep is very essential for overall health including beautification. Go to bed with relax body. If you feel for bathe, take it but with mild or hot water. Never take tea, coffee or any caffeine drink before going to bed. Always keep in mind your bed and its items. Silk cloth prevents hair damage during sleep due to friction. It is good for skin and prevent wrinkles. Use of silk in bed improves your hair and skin health magically.

Follow these tips and see the magic after one week. Rise and see the mirror and observe how much improvement is there in your skin health. take minimum 8 glasses of water a day. The water will clear your skin and make it glow by flushing out toxins quickly. Drink herbal tea or other non-caffeinated drink to ensure hydration. Do cardio as it makes your skin glow because it stimulates blood circulation.

In whole day, you skin goes through makeup, dirt, and oil build. Ensure cleansing of skin before going to bed. It is very necessary for clogging up your pores and it also prevents smearing bacteria on your pillow where it can get into your skin at night. Use a gentle face wash. 

Value Of Family Life

Followers of celebirities are lesser known about their life style in real. They are always thought of same life as they have acted or performed on screen. Acting is their professional life and not whole part of the life. This is fact and even irony, same people don't understand that they also have families and cannot deny its value.

Basically this post is not upon cinema celebirities but for those people who are forgotten true value and means of family in life and think celebirities do not support indian traditional family culture; which is better known for strongness, closeness, security and sense of support etc. But amid all of us, are forgetting the value of family and are getting seperated from our parents.

Consequently, from collectivism to individualism, a way is paved where the lines by a famous person "The circle of care at least in Indian families embraces all generations" seems faint but not false because of the idea on which it is based i.e. sacrifice and support for both younger as well as older member of family.

Besides of all these means, the modern family life where married children get seperated from parents alongwith insecurity of children and older, economic problem, loneliness, unsocialism, isolation, less conflict resolution skill etc.

What Our Dreams Interpret

In Everyday Life, all of us are connected to dreams, these are like our mate. Do you know what is dream ? Dream is a picture of thoughts, feeling, sensations etc in subconscious mind during sleep.

Nobody is there without dreams. Dreaming is a natural phenomena. Everybody has dream while sleeping. It is different thing that he/she may not recognise what has seen in dream.

Dream world and real world are different but these are connected to each other by some meaning. Something is revealed by what you have seen in your dream last night.

What these signs could be, think, it is interesting and in this regard, what are the common dreams almost everybody has and see, it may be bad or good depending upon the dream, following some dream interperation are collected. Have a look and observe your Everyday Life.


Copper:Expose of hidden secret
Grean Forest:Happiness
Wear Specs:Wiseness
Meat:Money at sudden
Do Praying:End of problem
Having sex:Money
WalKing baby:Money
Dancing:End of ailment
Dog:Meeting with old friend
Red flower:Increase in money
Market:End of poorness
Talk to dead:Wish complete
Sky:Child brith
Rainbow:Good health
Postman:Meeting with any relative
Map:Success in planning
Honey:Compitable life


Kahl:Physical problem
Injury in body:Death of any relative
Dry forest/garden:Problem
Moon eclipse:Ailment
Teeth problem:Problem
Smoke:Loss of business
Gold:Loss of money
Crow:News of death of any friend/relative
Arms:Loss of court case
Flood:Loss in business
Pick pocket:Business problem
Doctor:Health problem
Play drum:Accident
Court:Legal issue
Play cards:Lots of problem
Extravengza:Bad news
Begging:Loss of wealth
Lezard:Theft in home
Skyfall:Problem at sudden
Firefly:Bad time starts

Top Ten Signs Of Love Addiction

Love Addiction, Top 10, Everyday Life
In our Everyday Life, we have lot of addictions; it may be game, gadgets, goodies etc. But relationship addiction is on the high to which we all are hooked and is a uncontrollable, never-ending appetite of romantic love in order to get a sense of self worth.

Abnormal preoccupation with love including in their entertainment, lack of true intimacy, short or highly intense relationships etc are the few signs that tell you are love addicted and these may create conflict if these issues or expectation is unresolved. Have a look on the following things and rate yourself, are you addicted to love?

Top 10 Signs Of Love Addiction

1. Looking for love what you see in Cinema.

2. You demand unconditional positive regard at all times.

3. You feel someone you will happy in relationship with.

4. You usually look for the special one in your life.

5. You take very long in break up.

6. You expect someone loving you permanently.

7. Always think for getting love from someone not interested in.

8. You are disturbing your relationship thinking about your Ex.

9. You expect someone else to solve your problems or care for.

10. You prefer to stay in bad relationship as you are alone.

Swadeshi Andolan On Bapu Birth Anniversary

On Pujya Bapu Ji birth anniversary, Patanjali founder Baba Ramdev set the goal of Patanjali's Economic Freedom Movement and aims to give employment and self reliance to 5 lac people directly and to 5 crore farmers indirectly.

There is need to adopt Swadeshi Products like Patanjali to bring economic freedom to nation and save from foreign companies loot because Patanjali profit is meant for education, health, research, complete dedication to nation service.

All unemployed youth, women and small shopkeepers in rural area should participate in this swadeshi Movement. For more information please visit the following link:-

Smoking Is Injurious To Health

It is known not that cigarette smoking is hurtful and addictive. Be that as it may, not very many know the dangers of cigarette compulsion. Smoking exacts body with numerous irreversible harms and decreases the human life range by 25 years. 

Impacts of Smoking on Body

Everyday Life, Life, Health, Smoking

Smoking is the greatest danger component for all heart illnesses. It quickens the procedure of fat affidavit in the inward dividers of courses (atherosclerosis). It builds circulatory strain and heart rate. Not just these, smoking expands inclination for the blood to clump. It diminishes the limit of a man to work out. (Practices dependably keep heart solid). 


Smoking decimates little hairs present in upper parts of aviation routes. In typical persons these hairs shield lungs from germs, dust and other destructive particles. At the point when this regular cleaning framework is harmed germs, dust, smoke and other destructive chemicals enter lungs creating disease, hack and lung tumor. The air sacs of lungs (alveoli) get for all time harmed bringing on trouble in relaxing. 

Digestive framework

Smoking causes heart blaze ,delays mending of peptic ulcers, builds danger of crohn's illness and arrangement of nerve stones. It influences liver and expansions odds of stomach tumor. 


Smoking influences veins of legs bringing about ceaseless torment in legs. This might facilitate advancement to bring about gangrene of toes or feet. 


The touchy veins of eye are effectively harmed by smoking. This causes ragged looking appearance of eyes and tingling. In substantial smokers it might prompt degeneration and loss of visual perception. Smokers are at an expanded danger of waterfalls. 

Skin :

Due to smoking the skin is denied of oxygen and it loses its composition. A normal smoker looks 5 years more established than his sound non smoking partners. The skin loses its solid shine and tackles a yellowish-dark cast. The more cigarettes smoked, the more terrible skin will look. Wrinkles begin showing up rapidly as smoking influences flexible tissues of skin. Bones: It quickens the procedure of osteoporosis 


Smoking causes growth of lungs, larynx, oral pit, pharynx, throat and bladder. Tobacco smoke contains more than 60 substances which cause tumor. 87% lung disease demise happens because of smoking. 

Regenerative framework

Smoking diminishes richness in both men and ladies. 

In ladies

Smoking uneven characters estrogen hormone in ladies. It causes dryness of vagina and decreases blood stream to genital organs. Ladies who smoke can get sicknesses of Fallopian tubes and their egg creation is influenced. Smoking can bring about premature birth. It quickens maturing handle and can bring about ahead of schedule menopause. The development of child retards when mother smokes in pregnancy. It influences the mental health of child and diminishes IQ. This happens notwithstanding when mother is an inactive smoker. The odds of unsuccessful labor, untimely conception and fetal demise increment. 

In men

Smoking weakens erections and can turn into a purpose behind erectile brokenness. It additionally diminishes sperm check and hinders sperm motility. Be that as it may, these are switched in the wake of ceasing smoking. Consequently quit smoking. 

Everyday Life, Life, Health, Smoking

Is The Era Of Smartphone Is Over

"Smartphone have become boring, so is the era of smartphone is over," a LG spokesperson rhetorically asked at the company's event at the MWC. "No, the era of smartphone is not over." LG G5 with Snapdragon 820 processor, modular design and 4GB RAM launched at MWC

In the war between Koreans, LG fired the first salvo on February 21 as it unveiled the G5 smartphone, hours before Samsung was expected to launch the Galaxy S7. The G5, which is a flagship phone, is a device armed to teeth with top class hardware. It also pushes the boundaries for LG's flagship phone by opting for a modular design, which the Korean company believes will help it take on the rivals.

The LG G5, which has a metal body, has a 5.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. The G5 is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM and has 32GB internal storage.Instead with the LG G5, the company believes, it is time to reinvent the smartphone with a modular design.

Seven Wonders of the World

  • Christ Redeemer: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This statue of Jesus stands some 38 meters tall, atop the Corcovado mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro. Designed by Brazilian Heitor da Silva Costa and created by French sculptor Paul Landowski, it is one of the world’s best-known monuments. The statue took five years to construct and was inaugurated on October 12, 1931. It has become a symbol of the city and of the warmth of the Brazilian people, who receive visitors with open arms.

In the 1850s the Vincentian priest Pedro Maria Boss suggested placing a Christian monument on Mount Corcovado to honour Isabel, princess regent of Brazil and the daughter of Emperor Pedro II, although the project was never approved. In 1921 the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro proposed that a statue of Christ be built on the 2,310-foot (704-metre) summit, which, because of its commanding height, would make it visible from anywhere in Rio. Citizens petitioned Pres. Epitácio Pessoa to allow the construction of the statue on Mount Corcovado.
Permission was granted, and the foundation stone of the base was ceremonially laid on April 4, 1922—to commemorate the centennial on that day of Brazil’s independence from Portugal—although the monument’s final design had not yet been chosen. That same year a competition was held to find a designer, and the Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa was chosen on the basis of his sketches of a figure of Christ holding a cross in his right hand and the world in his left. In collaboration with Brazilian artist Carlos Oswald, Silva Costa later amended the plan; Oswald has been credited with the idea for the figure’s standing pose with arms spread wide. The French sculptor Paul Landowski, who collaborated with Silva Costa on the final design, has been credited as the primary designer of the figure’s head and hands. Funds were raised privately, principally by the church. Under Silva Costa’s supervision, construction began in 1926 and continued for five years. During that time materials and workers were transported to the summit via railway.
After its completion, the statue was dedicated on October 12, 1931. Over the years it has undergone periodic repairs and renovations, including a thorough cleaning in 1980, in preparation for the visit of Pope John Paul II to Brazil that year, and a major project in 2010, when the surface was repaired and refurbished. Escalators and panoramic elevators were added beginning in 2002; previously, in order to reach the statue itself, tourists climbed more than 200 steps as the last stage of the trip. In 2006, to mark the statue’s 75th anniversary, a chapel at its base was consecrated to Our Lady of Aparecida, the patron saint of Brazil.


The Great Wall of China was built to link existing fortifications into a united defense system and better keep invading Mongol tribes out of China. It is the largest man-made monument ever to have been built and it is disputed that it is the only one visible from space. Many thousands of people must have given their lives to build this colossal construction.
Perhaps the most recognizable symbol of China and its long and vivid history, the Great Wall of China actually consists of numerous walls and fortifications, many running parallel to each other. Originally conceived by Emperor Qin Shi Huang (c. 259-210 B.C.) in the third century B.C. as a means of preventing incursions from barbarian nomads into the Chinese Empire, the wall is one of the most extensive construction projects ever completed.

The best-known and best-preserved section of the Great Wall was built in the 14th through 17th centuries A.D., during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Though the Great Wall never effectively prevented invaders from entering China, it came to function more as a psychological barrier between Chinese civilization and the world, and remains a powerful symbol of the country’s enduring strength.

Machu Picchu: Peru

 In the 15th century, the Incan Emperor Pachacútec built a city in the clouds on the mountain known as Machu Picchu (“old mountain”). This extraordinary settlement lies halfway up the Andes Plateau, deep in the Amazon jungle and above the Urubamba River. It was probably abandoned by the Incas because of a smallpox outbreak and, after the Spanish defeated the Incan Empire, the city remained ‘lost’ for over three centuries. It was rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911.

7,000 feet above sea level and nestled on a small hilltop between the Andean Mountain Range, the majestic city soars above the Urabamba Valley below. The Incan built structure has been deemed the “Lost Cities”, unknown until its relatively recent discovery in 1911. Archaeologists estimate that approximately 1200 people could have lived in the area, though many theorize it was most likely a retreat for Incan rulers. Due to it’s isolation from the rest of Peru, living in the area full time would require traveling great distances just to reach the nearest village.

Separated into three areas - agricultural, urban, and religious - the structures are arranged so that the function of the buildings matches the form of their surroundings. The agricultural terracing and aqueducts take advantage of the natural slopes; the lower areas contain buildings occupied by farmers and teachers, and the most important religious areas are located at the crest of the hill, overlooking the lush Urubamba Valley thousands of feet below.

Hikers, tourists, and the early explorers describe similar emotions as they climb their way through the Inca Trail. Many call the experience magical. Glancing out from the Funerary Rock Hut on all the temples, fields, terraces, and baths seems to take you to another time. Blending in with the hillside itself, many say the area creates a seamless and elegant green paradise, making it a must for anyone who travels to Peru.

Petra: Jordan

  • On the edge of the Arabian Desert, Petra was the glittering capital of the Nabataean empire of King Aretas IV (9 B.C. to 40 A.D.). Masters of water technology, the Nabataeans provided their city with great tunnel constructions and water chambers. A theater, modelled on Greek-Roman prototypes, had space for an audience of 4,000. Today, the Palace Tombs of Petra, with the 42-meter-high Hellenistic temple facade on the El-Deir Monastery, are impressive examples of Middle Eastern culture.

The city of Petra, capital of the Nabataean Arabs, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, it is Located 240 km south of the capital Amman and 120 km north of the red sea town of Aqapa Petra the world wonder is undoubtedly Jordan's most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction, and it is visited by tourists from all over the world.
It is not known precisely when Petra was built, but the city began to prosper as the capital of the Nabataean Empire from the 1st century BC, which grew rich through trade in frankincense, myrrh, and spices. Petra was later annexed to the Roman Empire and continued to thrive until a large earthquake in 363 AD destroyed much of the city in the 4th century AD. 

The earthquake combined with changes in trade routes, eventually led to the downfall of the city which was ultimately abandoned. By the middle of the 7th century Petra appears to have been largely deserted and it was then lost to all except local Bedouin from the area. In 1812 a Swiss explorer named Johannes Burckhardt set out to ‘rediscover’ Petra; he dressed up as an Arab and convinced his Bedouin guide to take him to the lost city, After this, Petra became increasingly known in the West as a fascinating and beautiful ancient city, and it began attracting visitors and  continues to do so today.
Petra is also known as the rose-red city, a name it gets from the wonderful colour of the rock from which many of the city’s structures were carved. The Nabataeans buried their dead in intricate tombs that were cut out of the mountain sides and the city also had temples, a theater, and following the Roman annexation and later the Byzantine influence, a colonnaded street and churches. In addition to the magnificent remains of the Nabataean city, human settlement and land use for over 10,000 years can be traced in Petra, where great natural, cultural, archaeological and geological features merge.

Pyramid at Chichén Itzá: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Chichén Itzá, the most famous Mayan temple city, served as the political and economic center of the Mayan civilization. Its various structures – the pyramid of Kukulkan, the Temple of Chac Mool, the Hall of the Thousand Pillars, and the Playing Field of the Prisoners – can still be seen today and are demonstrative of an extraordinary commitment to architectural space and composition. The pyramid itself was the last, and arguably the greatest, of all Mayan temples.

The town of Chichen-Itza was established during the Classic period close to two natural cavities (cenotes or chenes), which gave the town its name "At the edge of the well of the Itzaes". The cenotes facilitated tapping the underground waters of the area. The dates for this settlement vary according to subsequent local accounts: one manuscript gives 415-35 A.D., while others mention 455 A.D. The town that grew up around the sector known as Chichen Viejo already boasted important monuments of great interest: the Nunnery, the Church, Akab Dzib, Chichan Chob, the Temple of the Panels and the Temple of the Deer. They were constructed between the 6th and the 10th centuries in the characteristic Maya style then popular both in the northern and southern areas of the Puuc hills. 

The second settlement of Chichen-Itza, and the most important for historians, corresponded to the migration of Toltec warriors from the Mexican plateau towards the south during the 10th century. According to the most common version, the King of Tula, Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl, or Kukulkan as the Maya translated the name, reportedly took the city between 967 A.D. and 987 A.D. Following the conquest of Yucatán a new style blending the Maya and Toltec traditions developed, symbolizing the phenomenon of acculturation. Chichen-Itza is a clear illustration of this fusion. Specific examples are, in the group of buildings to the south, the Caracol, a circular stellar observatory whose spiral staircase accounts for its name, and, to the north, El Castillo (also known as the Temple of Kukulkan). Surrounding El Castillo are terraces where the major monumental complexes were built: on the north-west are the Great Ball Court, Tzompantli or the Skull Wall, the temple known as the Jaguar Temple, and the House of Eagles; on the north-east are the Temple of the Warriors, the Group of the Thousand Columns, the Market and the Great Ball Court; on the south-west is the Tomb of the High Priest. After the 13th century no major monuments seem to have been constructed at Chichen-Itza and the city rapidly declined after around 1440 A.D. The ruins were not excavated until 1841 A.D.

Roman Colosseum: Rome, Italy

 This great amphitheater in the centre of Rome was built to give favors to successful legionnaires and to celebrate the glory of the Roman Empire. Its design concept still stands to this very day, and virtually every modern sports stadium some 2,000 years later still bears the irresistible imprint of the Colosseum’s original design. Today, through films and history books, we are even more aware of the cruel fights and games that took place in this arena, all for the joy of the spectators.

The Roman Colosseum or Coliseum, originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, was commisioned in AD 72 by Emperor Vespasian. It was completed by his son, Titus, in 80, with later improvements by Domitian. 

The Colosseum is located just east of the Roman Forum and was built to a practical design, with its 80 arched entrances allowing easy access to 55,000 spectators, who were seated according to rank. The Coliseum is huge, an ellipse 188m long and 156 wide. Originally 240 masts were attached to stone corbels on the 4th level.

Just outside the Coliseum is theArch of Constantine (Arco di Costantino), a 25m high monument built in AD315 to mark the victory of Constantine over Maxentius at Pons Milvius.

Vespesian ordered the Colosseum to be build on the site of Nero's palace, the Domus Aurea, to dissociate himself from the hated tyrant. 

His aim was to gain popularity by staging deadly combats of gladiators and wild animal fights for public viewing. Massacre was on a huge scale: at inaugural games in AD 80, over 9,000 wild animals were killed.

Taj Mahal: Agra, India

This immense mausoleum was built on the orders of Shah Jahan, the fifth Muslim Mogul emperor, to honor the memory of his beloved late wife. Built out of white marble and standing in formally laid-out walled gardens, the Taj Mahal is regarded as the most perfect jewel of Muslim art in India. The emperor was consequently jailed and, it is said, could then only see the Taj Mahal out of his small cell window.
Agra is the city of Taj Mahal, which makes it the most popular city of India. It is located near the River Yamuna on the northern state Uttah Pradesh of India, and is the most populated city of Uttah Pradesh with more than 1.5 million people. In the famous epic Mahabharat, Agra was referred as the forest of Agraban, and the epic dates the foundation of the city to 1475 during the reign of Rājā Badal Singh. However a Persian poet named Mas'ūd Sa'd Salmān mentions about Agra in the 11th century. The ancient fort of Agra, Badalgarh, from the reign of Rājā Badal Singh should be somewhere near or on the present fort.

In 1506, Sultan Sikandar Lodī moved the capital from Delhi to Agra. His son Ibrahim Lodī also used Agra as the capital until he was defeated by the Persian King Babur. Babur was the founder of the Mughal Empire and he sent his son Humayun to capture the city. Mughal empire not only captured Agra, but also the largest diamond of that time, Koh-i-Noor. Under the dominion of Mughals, Agra lived its heydays between 1526 and 1658 and it was called Akbarabād.

Muhgals were famous with their love of architecture, and the most of the fascinating buildings that one can see today belong to the Mughal period between 15th and 16th centuries including the three UNESCO World Heritages: Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpūr Sikrī.
Baburs’ grandson Akbar made Akbarabād the center of arts, culture and commerce and religion. He constructed many beautiful buildings including the city Fatehpūr Sikrī which was inspired by a Mughal military camp.
In the 17th century, Cihangir ( Jahangiri) made Akbarabād the hotspot of Muslim world. His son Sah Cihan (Shahjahan) ordered the Taj Mahal to be constructed in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The mausoleum was completed in 1653. After that, Shah Jahan moved the capital back to Delhi and this made Agra lose its importance.
After the decline of the Mughal Empire, the city went under the influence of Marathats and Jads, and started to be called as Agra. In 1803, the city went under the British domination which continued until the independence of India in 1947.